23 August 2011


Just in case anyone is wondering, it will be a little while before Eric will be able to report "officially" in our ward Sacrament Meeting. He returns on September 28th, the following Sunday is General Conference, so no local meetings that day. The second Sunday in October is our ward's Fast and Testimony meeting, so no speakers that day. The NEXT Sunday is the third Sunday and it is the ward Primary Children's Sacrament Meeting Program. So he's going to be scheduled for the FOURTH SUNDAY in October, which is the 23rd. The Seventeenth Ward meets at 1:00 pm for Sacrament meeting and is located at 256 South 900 West in Cedar City.

Please, do come. And feel free to stop in anytime once he's home...but that's a ways off yet. I'm getting ahead of myself. (And maybe just a tad excited?)

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He's Okay

Dear Missionary Families,

In light of the 5.9 earthquake which occurred this afternoon in the Washington DC area, but nearer Richmond, Virginia, we wish to let each of you know that all missionaries have been accounted for and there has been no injuries, no property damage or anything of any concern to the missionaries or the mission field. Thank you for your concern. All are doing well and can faithfully continue in the work of the Lord in the Washington DC North Mission.

Washington DC North Mission Office

02 August 2011


Eric is scheduled to return on September 28, 2011. That's all I know at this point. He'll fly into St. George.