20 March 2013

Texty text

The following conversation happened with me and my friend, Elise.
I thought it was funny so I decided to share.

Elise: Do you think I would be a bad best friend if I didn't make it down for Isie's reception? I can't afford to go down by myself and I don't know anyone going down. Do you by chance?

Me: I don't, but I'll keep a lookout. You should be OK... Hopefully. Does UVU have a ride share board?

Elise: Not that I know of. UVU is lame. And I checked Craigslist and there's one person wanting to carpool named Slater...sounds like a murderer. 

Me: Find out his real name and Facebook stalk him. And pretend to be a man. 

Elise: Haha! Pretending to be a man only helps me until I'm in the car with him. But I'll see...

Me: Haven't you seen She's the Man? Ha.

Elise: LOL, oh Eric :)

Me: Then just make up hunting stories about how good of a shot you are and that you have your concealed weapons permit. 

Elise: Also a great idea, until he starts conversing about guns and I have no idea what he's talking about. 

Me: Then you pretend you're narcoleptic and fall asleep suddenly without warning!

Elise: Bahaha! How do you know all these clever tricks? 

Me: I have weird dreams

Elise: More like nightmares! Well, I will see what I can do. Goodnight!

Me: Ciao! 

So. It was really late, so if there are things that we said that didn't make all the sense, that's why.

18 March 2013

This is basically a play by play of my spring break

This past week was Spring Break and I had a marvelous adventure living as Eric the Nomad for about 4 days in the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys.

I rode public transportation and relied on the graces of others to get to where I needed to go.

I headed up with Momma Linda and one of her coworkers who had a conference in Salt Lake.

I went and helped with the SUU Orientation booth at two admitted student receptions.

The first reception in Salt Lake was at the Radisson Hotel. But for some reason, I had the notion that it was at the Sheraton. They do both end with an "ON." Perhaps that's how I got confused.

Well, the nice people at the Sheraton called up the shuttle and I made it to the Radisson for the reception (late, but happy). I really enjoyed the refreshments they had: brownies and creamy lemon bars. Way good. That was my dinner.

I went to Nick's work, hung out for a bit while he finished up his duties and then we took UTA Trax to his home in _____ Jordan. I never know if he lives in South or West Jordan.

Thursday, I pretty much bummed around Nick's for the greater part of the day. Then I took a two mile walk along the Jordan Canal to Trax, then transferred onto FrontRunner, and rode down to Lehi for another ASR at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.

We at Brick Oven pizza and famous, delicious root beer in the parking lot. So delish. I know that I gave up soda for the "Project Healthy Music Majors (and Eric and Cassie)" thing, but it was too good to not drink. The dinner was provided by some SUU folks whose names I can't recall.

Before the formal presentation at the reception, there was a projection screen displaying things like, "Use #tbirdnation and tweet why you're excited to go to SUU," and "What club are you going to join at SUU?"  and "What are you going to study at SUU?" and "Why do you love SUU?" and "Take a picture with an SUU alum." So the OLeaders responded to all of those.
Hahahaha! These things crack me up! Well, the ones from SUU Orientation. I'm sure Rachel just prematurely tweeted the "I plan on studying." I don't know why I find that so hilarious.
 During the reception, the OLeaders (Orientation Leaders) present had a grand ol' time taking pictures and what naught. I'll steal some off Twitter that my friends with smartphones took.
A mammoth! A mammoth!
Take a picture with an alum! #tbirdnation
I then went back to Nick's to spend yet another night in their ever-so-cold basement dwelling. Seriously. So cold. I added extra blankets that night.

On Friday morning, my good friend and fellow OLeader, Marie, was receiving her endowment in the Salt Lake Temple along with her mother who journeyed all the way from Ohio. I was invited. Prior to the session, I had made plans to eat some breakfast with mom. But. I slept in.

A lot.

So, my lovely sister-in-law drove me to Trax. As we were pulling into the station, the light rail train pulled in! So I ran to the train and caught it... without paying.

So I went to the temple after stealing from UTA. Sorry. IOU $2.75. Or however much it is.

I then dashed to meet mom to grab my temple bag while wearing Nick's borrowed shoes and shirt (I dunno how I forgot dress shoes and a white shirt. Good thing we're the same size).

I, the thief, then ran to the temple from where I met mom in front of the Salt Palace Convention Center. I made it! Winded, tired, wheezy, and sweaty, but I made it nonetheless.

Photo blatantly stolen from Marie's Facebook.
Back row: me, Beth, Dille.
Front row: Rachel, Marie, Ty, Marie's mom Teresa, and Teresa's escort.. Didn't get her name.
 The session was lovely and we all enjoyed The Lion House Pantry for lunch courtesy of Marie's mom.
We're at a table in the Lion House. Really. Rachel, Marie, me.
 I got a ride to Nick's from Rachel, fellow OLeader and Marie's escort for the temple, then I took the train to American Fork where I was met by my great friend Marina.

She showed me her stomping grounds around Lindon and we had a great time together. She even showed me a waterfall. She really likes waterfalls.
At the waterfall in Highland.
Funny story: Marina was giving me a tour of her house. We came to the toy room and she said, "This closet is the best because it's just full of dress ups!" She opened the door and it was EMPTY! Her face fell, and I laughed hysterically at her reaction. I wonder where the dress ups went.
Marina drove me to Orem where we picked up Jenni and went swimming with some of my ol' mission pals, Michael and Josh.

After swimming in the outrageously chlorine-y pool, we cleaned up and went to a dance party for a bit.

Jenni and I weren't feeling the dance party, so we went to Brick Oven for a late dinner (10 p.m.). On our way there, there were many parties that we stopped by. No, we weren't invited. But doors were open, so... YOLO.

One instance: we walk in, say "Sorry we're late" as we walk by. Stand by a couple of girls, say "Sorry we're late" and get told "It's ok. Thanks for coming." Ha. Then Jenni said, "Well, we have to go," and we take off out the back door.

We then went to Jill's birthday party. They were dancing in a circle in the typical awkward Mormon singles fashion. We didn't know Jill. Nor did we get the chance because we ran away before too many questions were asked.

Brick Oven was divine. And our server, Ricci, is roommates with a chick that I went to high school with. Small world, eh?

We got their famous root beer (so incredible!), salad, pasta, and pizza for a very nice price. And the service was excellent. I'm totes going to eat there again.

Following dinner, we met some people rehearsing for Cirque du Soleil and some tyrannosaurus rexes (how do you make that plural?). That evening I learned: BYU has some interestingly friendly people. It made me really glad that I go to SUU. Not there's anything wrong with BYU...

We hung out with some more of my mission friends then headed to Jenni's house to sleep. We slept. Woke up late. And Jenni's mom made some delicious, hearty waffles.

I then went to my uncle Rob's house to get picked up from my mom. And what did my mom get for me?

Post to come...