29 April 2013

A Sunday

I wanted to do a status update with this, but then realized I think I have a lot to say. So, in a note it goes!

Today started off rough: I slept in. A lot. And I missed my 9 a.m. ward. I was excited to go to my own ward because it is the first Sunday in ages that I haven't worked and been stressed.

So I went to a different ward at 11 a.m. and sat with Ginny and Katy and heard from the music department chair in sacrament meeting.

Following church, I crashed on the couch then made a delicious salad for family dinner. Gail and her family came over as per usual and we had a lovely chat about every topic under the sun. I'm so grateful we are able to gather every week; it helps me remember how cool we are (but more importantly how much I love them).

Dinner finished up and I went outside with the kids: 11-year-old C and 3-almost-4-year-old J. It was a glorious evening! Upper 70's and hardly a breeze. Gail and Seth pack around three Razor scooters in their vehicle so we had fun riding those around the neighborhood.

Every time J's scooter fell, even if he didn't fall with it, he would say, "Good thing I have my helmet on!" I would chase them, they would chase me as I would jump in trees, climb walls and fences to avoid their clutches.

Then I would chase them. And I would catch them. Because I can.

Football Monkey-in-the-Middle was played and I gave Caroline throwing tips. Which is weird. Cause I don't do sports.

Cartwheels, headstands, handstands, and yoga poses were shared on the front lawn in our quiet neighborhood.

Bubbles were brought out and Momma Linda, Gail, and Seth attempted to blow bubbles with the uncooperative bubbles. Grey Cat joined us on the lawn and shared his shed hair with everyone, but we still like him.

Great-grandma and dad returned home from their journey to Salt Lake and joined the throng out front: some on chairs on the porch, some sprawled the grass, petting Grey Cat, some blowing bubbles, some bringing out too many toys to play with.

I thought we looked like a Norman Rockwell painting of stereotypical Americans enjoying family time in the front yard.

I had the blessing to not only spend time with my family, but great friends, too.

I had another dinner later night (I provided the salad and some asparagus) with Katy, Ginny, and Joe. It was a lovely spicy chicken alfredo and Asian chocolates for dessert.

The warm evening proved too difficult to not take advantage of, so we four plus Chaliece and Jessica went on an adventure hoping to play tennis. The courts were locked and the lights were off. Undeterred, we went to another court. It was also locked. So we ended up at the Cedar High tennis courts and attempted to play in the dark. It didn't work.

Not wanting to waste the lovely night, we went to the roof and watched the stars, sang songs with guitars, had a good ol' time talking. Katy and Joe told jokes. Or they were kissing. No one will ever really know for sure..

To top it off, we watched Baby Mama, one of my favorite movies of all time. Katy and Joe didn't enjoy it nearly as much as me, but I'm OK with that.

I'm grateful for the people in my life whether they be friends, family, acquaintances, or hey-sayers.Without them,
 my Sundays would be sad,
my Mondays would be mundane,
my Tuesdays would be terrible,
my Wednesdays would be woeful,
my Thursdays would be thorny,
my Fridays would be feudal,
and my Saturdays supine.

And that's the truth.