25 May 2012

Blog Like There Is Tomorrow

I realized that there are three drafts of different posts waiting to be published on my blog so that my thousands of readers can enjoy them. Ha.

I shall procrastinate another day.

Now I shall watch an episode of Downton Abbey season two with some friends.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Not even a random photo from my mission. That's how much of a not-blogging rut I'm in.

06 May 2012

Life Coach!

So, you know how I'm going to school to become a music educator? Specifically a choir teacher?

Well, I've decided that that just isn't enough. I'm still going to be a choir teacher, but to supplement the meager income that comes with that illustrious profession, I've decided to be a life coach.

What inspired this additional career, you ask?

I shall tell you:

The other day, one of my dear friends (we'll call her Agnes) and I had a conversation similar to the following:

Agnes: I just got a $1500 bonus at work! That's going to pay for the airfare for my husband and me to go on our trip to Mexico!

Me: That's great!

Agnes: I guess I should put this money in savings...

Me: No. Bad idea. You only live once. Saving is for squares. You should travel as much as you can and not save a penny.


I give such good advice!

It is because of my good advice giving skills that I've decided to be a part-time life coach.

In other news...

My reverent|maturity level during church seems to have retrogressed considerably. Examples:

Today was fast and testimony meeting and one member of the ward kept mentioning his brother named Cort. Here are a couple of examples of what my brain did when some statements about Cort were made:

"I really love court!" image source
"I would do anything to help my brother court." image source
Yeah. I'm really mature.

I also drew this picture of apostasy:

And Isie's contribution:

Ahhh, the English language. Gotta love it.

And just for fun, I saw this on Cheryl's Facebook and thought it was too funny not to share. 

If you would like to receive over-priced, unlicensed life coaching, please contact me!

And a random photo from the mission:

That would be against mission rules... Just sayin'.