25 July 2009


Yesterday, Friday July 24, I went to the Greenshow with my friend Kelsee to watch our friend, Marisa, play the fiddle.
Following the show, we went to my house and watched Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Old school. On VHS.
We then killed lots of time playing with one of Marisa's apps on her iTouch that has 6500 random tidbits of knowledge. One of them said: If you plug your nose and eat an apple, an onion, and a potatoe, they all taste the same.
So we put it to the test.
We went to Marisa's (she had all the necessary items to test this theory) and cut up a potatoe, an onion, and an apple in to similar shapes. We then plugged our noses, grabbed one, and ate.
What did we find out?
Potatoes still taste like potoatoes. Apples still taste like apples. And onions still taste like onions. The flavors were subdued a little, but not enough to be unable to tell them apart.
When I grow up, I want to be a Mythbuster.
Myth busted!

19 July 2009


Tuesday, July thirteenth:
Tandy really wanted me to go to the Greenshow with her and the kids. And one of Lexi's friends, Caleb. To describe Caleb: hyper, crazy, attention seeker. I think that sums him up pretty well.

The kids and I.

Gypsy night at the Greenshow! This sure is a great shot of Marisa!

Ella likes to wear sunglasses. Upside-down.

The kids were the true entertainment for those around us. They had a massive grass fight and involved Tandy at the end. Lovely.

Crazy kids. It's all downhill from here!

Seriously downhill.

Hunchback? Ok. I think that's what I was going for.

The kids and I ran around for a while, screaming, play a pirate kidnapping game, and tag. We eventually got kicked off the lawn before the play performance because we were being too loud.

Playing the Pirate kidnap game. I'm "kidnapping" Braeden and being attacked by crazy Caleb.

Not-so-Synchronized somersaults.

Kids can be brutal.

After getting kicked off the grass, we picked up Nick from the Sigma Chi house, went to Wendy's and then ate at the park and played! There's too many pics. Here's my favorite.

She's smiling. Really big. When Ella swings, she sometimes holds her breath and forgets to breathe, but if you make airplane sounds, she respires.

Gramma has been a resident of Cedar for over 40 years and she has never been to Hermie's Drive-in. So Friday night, Tandy took me and gramma, and the kids to Hermie's. So good and greasy! Just the way my arteries like it.
After dinner, we went to gramma's house for a little while. Gramma was sitting on the couch showing a bunch of photos of grandpa (who died this past December) to Braeden and it was so darn cute and I got all teary eyed. He was genuinely interested and was hanging on to every word gramma was telling him. So cute.

Braeden sitting next to gramma while looking at photos. Lexi is looking at an album, too.

And then it was time to say goodbyes! Tandy left the next day and I was off to a dance. Ella was so sweet. She didn't want to let go. I'm gonna miss her! And Lexi. And Braeden. And Tandy. I'll miss them all!

Aww. So tender. But she would not let go. Seriously.

Braeden gives such great bear hugs!

Lexi! She's getting so tall.

I bet you're now thinking: Wow. His whole summer has consisted of playing with nieces and nephews.
That's not [entirely] true.

I had a pool party with my buddy, Michael! He leaves on his mission... Wednesday. He will be serving in the Paraguay Asuncion Mission.

Jumping into the pool!

He gave a really great talk today at his "farewell" and I know that he will be a great missionary and serve those in Paraguay well! God speed, brother!

I also went on a lovely date with a lovely girl. We had a wonderfully delicious picnic while we sat on a wonderfully red cliff and enjoyed the wonderfully beautiful views of St. George. Then We went to Footloose at Tuacahn.
Her name is Krista.

We had a fantastic time!

That's my summer in a nutshell. Well, all the eventful, fun, blog-worthy things.
☮ ♡ ☺

18 July 2009


I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to (among other things) keeping my blog up to date. So this is going to be somewhat of a blogging blitz of the summer. So far.

A bit of a disclaimer before I get too into this: Tandy and the kids left today and I got a disc of some photos (200+ of them) from Tandy. It's very hard to decide which ones to post. Here it goes.....

One Monday evening, Mom, Gramma, Tandy, Lexi, Braeden, Ella, Nick and I went to the Greenshow for FHE. Here are some photos.

Braeden started off the evening being a pouty little stinker so I was tickling him to cheer him up. I almost have a smile on his face!

Some of the Greenshow-ers putting on a... show. The fiddler is my good friend/stand partner, Marisa. She'll be a junior in high school this upcoming year.

The kids were sure mesmerized!

Me 'n' Nick being creepers.

I'm a creeper. (This will be a reoccurring theme throughout this post.)

Ella, Tandy, and Lexi. And a creeper lurking.

CREEPER!, Gramma, and Nick.

A semi-normal photo of Eric/CREEPER!, Gramma, and Nick.

Random news: My Blogger account is screwed up and everything I do is in html. I don't know how to fix it and the format/feature options are very limited in html. Grrr. 'Tis frustrating.

I wasn't actually present when this photograph was taken but I just think it's so stinkin' cute! Ella loves salt and pepper shakers so mom gave her some that are really hard to open. She was so happy!

Mom, Dad, Gramma, and I were in Provo for the Fourth, so Tandy brought the kids over one night (the 7th or 8th... Not sure which) and we did some sparklers and some other fireworks.

Me assisting Ella with her sparkler. This is one of my favorite photos!

I really love this one, too.

Braeden showing off his muscles.

Lexi has muscles, too! She also has a CREEPER! behind her.

Nick is crazy-dangerous with his fireworks!

I don't like feet! Neither does Tandy for that matter. Who knows where Ella inherited her love of feet? She was nice enough to clean off my feet after running around outside playing with fireworks.

Tandy invited me and Nick out to Kanarraville one evening to have dinner and roast marshmallows. She said we could invite a couple of friends, so we invited Kelsey Chandler and James Pace. It was lots of fun!

Ella loves melted marshmallow on her face.

Nick's face is priceless. You can purchase it for only $12.

The whole gang! Minus me. L to R/going around the fire: Braeden, Tandy, Pam (Tandy's mom), Nick, Kelsey, Pace, Ella, Lexi.

Kelsey! And CREEPER!

I baby sat Tandy's kids while Tandy went to the St. George Temple with her mom and cousins for some major sealings. Yay for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

I only got a few good photos in before Braeden made off with the camera. I think he should be a photographer. He's pretty good when he makes an honest effort.

The kiddos on Temple grounds. They're not very cooperative when it comes to looking at the camera at the same time...

Ella was being a pill most of the time because she has massive separation anxiety when she's away from her mom. I decided to make a mean face with her. Braeden's look in the background is precious.

And I'll end this HUGE post with a photo Braeden took. Not too shabby for a four year old, eh?

There are still so many photos and things that I need to get posted. But it's late. I'm tired. So I'll do it tomorrow.