25 July 2009


Yesterday, Friday July 24, I went to the Greenshow with my friend Kelsee to watch our friend, Marisa, play the fiddle.
Following the show, we went to my house and watched Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Old school. On VHS.
We then killed lots of time playing with one of Marisa's apps on her iTouch that has 6500 random tidbits of knowledge. One of them said: If you plug your nose and eat an apple, an onion, and a potatoe, they all taste the same.
So we put it to the test.
We went to Marisa's (she had all the necessary items to test this theory) and cut up a potatoe, an onion, and an apple in to similar shapes. We then plugged our noses, grabbed one, and ate.
What did we find out?
Potatoes still taste like potoatoes. Apples still taste like apples. And onions still taste like onions. The flavors were subdued a little, but not enough to be unable to tell them apart.
When I grow up, I want to be a Mythbuster.
Myth busted!

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