26 April 2012

Dove Crate










Contractions have apostrophes ( ' )

The ideas for this blog entry came from friends' posts on Facebook over the past couple of days. *Sigh* I'm kind of embarrassed for them...

Please proofread what you are going to publish online.


25 April 2012

Bread Winner

Remember how at the end of this post I said that I didn't get anything for winning the Scriblerian essay contest?

Well, I was wrong.

Apparently there was an awards ceremony last night for the winners and a public reading of the winning essays. I wasn't invited. Odd.

After my English class this morning, my professor pulled me aside and gave me this:
And this:
Yummy breads, jam, honey, a knife, a basket, and a certificate. I'll add those to my good feeling inside.

Random photo from mission:

Ft. Washington on the Potomac. Cool historic site. July 2010.

Springtime in the Yard

Our front flower bed. Just wanted to share.

Field Trip!

Hey guys!

I volunteer in Mrs. Reynolds' fourth grade class every Monday. Usually I'll grade papers, or administer a spelling test, or other fun scholastic activities. Last week I even did a lesson on recycling for Earth Day.
This past Monday I did something so awesome.
I chaperoned a field trip to Zion National Park! The weather was gorgeous and the kids were, overall, well behaved.

We sat on the lawn in front of the lodge, did some educational worksheets, played, and ate lunch.
Enjoying the shade on the lawn.

Playing under stone sentinels.

Me and Mrs. Reynolds. She was my first grade teacher.

After lunch, we loaded on the bus and did a very short hike to Weeping Rock. 

Some of Weeping Rock.

View from the grotto of Weeping Rock. So pretty.

Some of the class after the hike.
 After Weeping Rock, we drove to the end of The Narrows to hike along the river. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to make it all the way to the end of the canyon. We did see some rock climbers.

Can you see them? There are two of them right in the middle of the photo on a ledge. (It works if you click on the image, right-clickView image and zoom in.)

I thought this was rather picturesque. So I took a picture.
I must be really out of shape because I was exhausted after the trip. I slept all the way back to Cedar. Some of the kids thought it was funny and took pictures of me sleeping. Oh well. It could have been worse. They could have drawn on me.

This week is a free admission week at the Park, so I might go on "study day" on Friday. Or I might actually study. Or I might do both.

Random photo from the mission:

Exchanges with Elder Fowles September 2011. We were very sweaty. This photo was taken at Meridian Hill Park in NW.

22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy birthday!

I mean, Earth Day. They rhyme. You see how I could get confused.

Every Sunday, my local family members get together and have dinner. Because today was Earth Day, we ate in our backyard under the beautiful apple and cherry blossoms. Here are some pictures from the dinner. Bon appetit!

The lovely spread included shoyu chicken, rice, green salad, corn on the cob, fresh squeezed lemonade, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. My mom is the best!

Seth was the birthday Earth Day boy. His birthday was last week when we were in SoCal visiting Damian, Tandy & Co.

How picturesque is this? Beautiful cherry blossoms spewing over the wall and finding shelter from the heat (it was in the mid-eighties) under the blooming apple tree.

Dad just finished smacking my head for making a funny face in the picture. Notice how the funny face hasn't left even after a little smack? FYI: That's a birthday/Earth Day card for Seth in front of me. And grandma is reading a letter of congratulations because mom was the staff of the year at SUU! Holla! Also, check out that yummy strawberry shortcake.

Momma, Gail, Me.

Awesome siblings.
In other news, I won the argumentative category of SUU's Scriblarian Essay Contest. I don't get anything for winning. Just a good feeling inside. And a lot of prideful bigheadedness. Throughout our dinner conversations, I would end my statements with "because I'm an award winning author." For example: "I need more dessert because I'm an award winning author." Or when the camera was being difficult I said "I'll make it work because I'm an award winning author." And "I will because I am an award winning author." I said that one multiple times. I can't remember others off the top of my head, but you're just going to have to trust me that we were all laughing really hard because I'm an award winning author.

Random photo from the mission (Which I'm posting the next day because I forgot...)
Sometimes when you walk around on the beautiful temple grounds, you see deer. Can you see it? Its eyes are glowing.

18 April 2012

Spring Fever

Oooooh my goodness!

Have you been outside?

I have.

It's still a bit nippy but it's warming up (although, I hear Cedar recently had a small snow storm last weekend. Fortunately, I was in Southern California and averted that nasty bout of weather. Saturday in SoCal was chilly, though).

Anywho, as I was riding my bike in the brisk spring air to the music building, a deep feeling welled up within me. What is that feeling? I shall tell you: Spring fever.

Spring fever is a feeling of restlessness felt at the beginning of the spring season. I have this restlessness. Real bad. I just want to be outside. All the time (when the wind isn't blowing). This case of the common spring fever helped me realize that I need to live life a little bit more.


By doing something that I love: Adventures!

So I'mma go hiking more, playing more, dancing more, cooking more, camping more, getting-better-grades more. Yeah, all of those things are adventures in one way or another.

I hope my prescription of adventure will cure me of this spring fever.

At least it's not Bieber Fever. 

Random photo from the mission:

Me: Elder, your cake batter is really thick. . . Did you remember to add the eggs?
Elder Scott L: Dang it!