25 April 2012

Field Trip!

Hey guys!

I volunteer in Mrs. Reynolds' fourth grade class every Monday. Usually I'll grade papers, or administer a spelling test, or other fun scholastic activities. Last week I even did a lesson on recycling for Earth Day.
This past Monday I did something so awesome.
I chaperoned a field trip to Zion National Park! The weather was gorgeous and the kids were, overall, well behaved.

We sat on the lawn in front of the lodge, did some educational worksheets, played, and ate lunch.
Enjoying the shade on the lawn.

Playing under stone sentinels.

Me and Mrs. Reynolds. She was my first grade teacher.

After lunch, we loaded on the bus and did a very short hike to Weeping Rock. 

Some of Weeping Rock.

View from the grotto of Weeping Rock. So pretty.

Some of the class after the hike.
 After Weeping Rock, we drove to the end of The Narrows to hike along the river. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to make it all the way to the end of the canyon. We did see some rock climbers.

Can you see them? There are two of them right in the middle of the photo on a ledge. (It works if you click on the image, right-clickView image and zoom in.)

I thought this was rather picturesque. So I took a picture.
I must be really out of shape because I was exhausted after the trip. I slept all the way back to Cedar. Some of the kids thought it was funny and took pictures of me sleeping. Oh well. It could have been worse. They could have drawn on me.

This week is a free admission week at the Park, so I might go on "study day" on Friday. Or I might actually study. Or I might do both.

Random photo from the mission:

Exchanges with Elder Fowles September 2011. We were very sweaty. This photo was taken at Meridian Hill Park in NW.

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  1. Wow, you're sneaky. I didn't even know you'd gone to Zion on Monday. The park looks lovely, and so are your pictures. I'm glad you showed me the climbers or I'd never have found them!!