18 April 2012

Spring Fever

Oooooh my goodness!

Have you been outside?

I have.

It's still a bit nippy but it's warming up (although, I hear Cedar recently had a small snow storm last weekend. Fortunately, I was in Southern California and averted that nasty bout of weather. Saturday in SoCal was chilly, though).

Anywho, as I was riding my bike in the brisk spring air to the music building, a deep feeling welled up within me. What is that feeling? I shall tell you: Spring fever.

Spring fever is a feeling of restlessness felt at the beginning of the spring season. I have this restlessness. Real bad. I just want to be outside. All the time (when the wind isn't blowing). This case of the common spring fever helped me realize that I need to live life a little bit more.


By doing something that I love: Adventures!

So I'mma go hiking more, playing more, dancing more, cooking more, camping more, getting-better-grades more. Yeah, all of those things are adventures in one way or another.

I hope my prescription of adventure will cure me of this spring fever.

At least it's not Bieber Fever. 

Random photo from the mission:

Me: Elder, your cake batter is really thick. . . Did you remember to add the eggs?
Elder Scott L: Dang it!

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