30 December 2012

The Ghost of Christmas Past

This morning-- wait, this afternoon. I didn't even wake up until noon. I love winter break!-- I went through all of the Christmas newsletters that mom has sent out. She's been doing this since 1993 and she talks about each of the kids and the year's highlights. I thought I would share with you
Eric: 1993-Present
(Illustrated Edition)
so that you can see how much I've really changed.

1993, Christmas at grandpa and grandma Autrey's farmhouse off Route 66 in Missouri:
Clockwise from top left: Katie, me, cousin Tiffany; Me and grandma; Me; Sometimes I played dress-up with my sisters; Damian and me at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield; Christmas morning. Me, dad, Gail, Damian.
From the newsletter: Eric is a big three year old who talks and sings non-stop. We go from fits to fits of laughter with him.

1996, (Mom wasn't always consistent),
Momma Linda in her traditional spot under the tree distributing gifts. And me. Being an awesome six-year-old.
From the newsletter: Eric sang his first solo in sacrament meeting the Christmas just prior (1995)..... Eric's enjoying life. He sings, and plays with friends, loves our cats, and knows all the neighbors better than all the rest of us combined. He's the neighborhood socialite. We enjoy him lots. We hope the neighbors do, too. 

Top: going around: Nick, Katie, Damian, Momma Linda, dad, me.
I was ill this Christmas and "stopped the drips" by shoving tissue up my nose. Cute and creative.
From the newsletter: Eric (7) finished up kindergarten last spring and as of fall, became a full-time student! Celebration time for this mom! He loves school, and it's so fun to see him discover reading! I love it when he reads me bedtime stories (yes, he reads to me!), and stops to chuckle at the funny antics of Dr. Seuss Characters and others.

Even at a young age, I was a master at photobombing. Me, grandpa Liebhardt, Nick, Katie.

From the newsletter: Eric, our youngest, is eight now. He was baptized just a couple of months ago and is in the second grade. He loves reading and all kinds of other stuff- mostly playing with his friends. 

I couldn't find any Christmas photos from that year. Mom said "Maybe our camera was broken." I found this gem and figured it symbolizes my favorite part of Christmas: Family. Me, Katie, and Nick laughing in Katie's bed.
From the newsletter: There isn't anything on me specifically. Except that I'm nine. And played the days away with Nick during the summer.

2000, my first trip to Disneyland occurred around Christmastime.
All aboard! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! LtoR: Gail, dad, Damian, Katie, Nick, me.
From the newsletter: Eric (10) is in 4th grade and still loves reading. Have you all read the Harry Potter series? Eric devoured those as quickly as he could. He just keeps busy with friends and I'm still attempting to teach him the importance of picking up after himself. I wonder if this is a hopeless task sometimes. But he's just so dang HAPPY all the time!

Dad, Momma Linda, me, Nick, Katie.
From the newsletter: Eric is in the 5th grade this year. It is his turn to have the longest commute to school, but he's a good sport and rides the bus. He also took up a string instrument this year. He's learning to play the violin at school.

One of our favorite holiday pastimes is playing games such as Settlers of Catan. LtoR: Gail, Katie, me, Nick, Damian, Tandy.
 From the newsletter: Eric: 7th grade, improving on the violin, reading, reading, reading, science camp graduate from the past 3 summers, archeology camp, Life scout, happy camper, hiker, and movie buff. 

Me and Katie. We sang in the Messiah that year. 
 From the newsletter: Eric is in the 8th grade. He is progressing in music. His other grades are good, too, overall. He had in interesting comment when we questioned him about some missed assignments on his grade sheet. He said, "The overall grade is good, and just so long as I'm grasping the concepts, it's okay." Hmmm. He's going to be one we're going to watch more closely in the future. For now, we watch, listen, and enjoy as he sings and plays. 

We had another Disneyland Christmas this year. LtoR: Damian, me, Braeden, Hercules, Seth, dad.
From the newsletter: Eric is still here at home, ran cross country, and performed in a school play, Grease (as the nerd). He also got to be in a small independent film called (Nerd)² [pronounced "nerd squared"] as a nerd. Is he being typecast? He's still singing and fiddlin'. 

Christmas cuteness. Mom, grandpa L, grandpa and grandma A, me.
 From the newsletter: Mom just talked about all the fun trips everyone went on. I didn't go on many because I was being awesome working at Taco Time. Woot.

Me unwrapping a gift and Seth.
From the newsletter:  This newsletter was actually written by me from mom's point of view. I did it like a newspaper with different sections. The Arts and Entertainment section is this: Our family sure has been busy going to concerts and plays... mostly Eric's. In February, he was a supporting actor in the silly western play "Westward, Whoa!" More recently in November, he was cast as Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof." He did an amazing job singing and acting, but it was nice to get it over with and breathe! And, of course, his orchestra and choir concerts keep us busy. In September, he played his first big recital and did very well.... You might say that we support the arts... through Eric.

The Christmas card we sent out. Our family is growing!
 From the newsletter: We didn't have one this year.

The Christmas card from 09.
From the newsletter: Eric has gone away from home  for a couple of years. He left in September and is serving a mission in the Washington DC North mission. He is in Maryland, serving the Lord, working hard and loving it from what we can tell from his letters.... Eric did manage to graduate from high school- whew! Last one through! And he managed to squeeze in that Eagle Scout award at the very last minute, too.

I was on my mission for Christmases 2009 and 2010. Me and Elder Hutchison. I was chubby then. Wow. I actually sent out a Christmas card with Elder Hutchison, but I couldn't find a copy to share here. Oh well.
 From the newsletter: {We love to visit our kids and grandkids in:} Maryland--Eric, though we only visit him via email and letters since he's serving a mission.

Christmas card from 2011.
 No newsletter... 

This year's Christmas card. Nick's wedding reception in July.
Again, no newsletter 

But I do hope you enjoyed this, especially the blast from the past pics. Those made me laugh.

I sincerely hope all y'all had a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to enjoy the Spirit of this special season.

12 December 2012

Headline-worthy News

I love being a music major.
I love creating and interpreting art.
I love performing (except when I get performance anxiety... which is too often).
I love the faculty and staff in the music department.
I love teaching. Being a teacher is, in my humble award-winning opinion, one of the most noble professions.
I love the students that I have the pleasure of teaching. Such nice kids.
I love the way music makes me feel.
I love the way my music makes others feel.

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about life.

My goals. 
My plans. 
Short term. 
Long term.

Where I want to be. 
What I want to do. 
What type of impact I want to make.

So I thought about the attributes I have. 

What I am I good at? 
What makes me happy? 
What can I see me doing?

As soon as I started at SUU, I applied and got accepted into the music education program. I have made so many great friends and memories. The faculty and staff really care. And they even decorate the music building for Christmas. I love it! 

But sometimes good things end. 

As I thought about my major and my career path, something didn't feel right. I felt doubt and uncertainty.

So I did what any Christian would do: I prayed. I did some research. I sought guidance and counsel from God about my uneasy feelings. 

The heavens did not open and tell me what to do. In fact, I became more restless about where I was going in life. 

A couple weeks later I made a decision: I am changing my major. To Hotel, Resort, & Hospitality Management. 

Upon making that decision, I felt so good! Those uneasy feelings of doubt and uncertainty went away and I'm at peace. 

Here's a good talk to read on the subject: http://magazine.byu.edu/?act=view&a=2536e

So. Life changing news.
Awesome, happy, wonderful, peaceful life changing news.

26 November 2012

Turkeys and Stuff

This month has been full of reminders that we need to be grateful for those things that we do have. I saw those reminders primarily on Facebook and Twitter. Let's be honest, those are really the only two websites that I frequent.

Many people posted one thing each day that they are grateful for. Touching things, really. Bearing their souls.

And I posted one thing that I'm grateful for. On Twitter.

Yup. That was my only thankful post.

But you know what?

Although I am so thankful for Downton Abbey, I am grateful for a multitude of other things. Will I list them here? No. Because I don't want to. You should watch this video. It's great.

So, dear reader, even though I may not tell you of my gratitude via posts or tweets, know that I am thankful. Not just in November or on the fourth Thursday of that month, but all days.

"Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character. We like to be around those who are grateful. They tend to brighten all around them. They make others feel better about themselves."
-Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

23 November 2012

Freudian Slip

I love my family.

We are all so weird.

I mean different.

There are five kids in my family. I'm the youngest. I have two brothers and two sisters.
We all went to Southern Utah University.
The areas of study varied from German, chemistry, sociology, and biology.

And then there's me: Eric, Bachelor's of Music Education candidate.

Both of my brothers took the medical road. My eldest brother is a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine and will be graduating from residency in June. My other brother is currently working on his Doctor of Pharmacy degree.
And they were both very active members of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

And then there's me: Eric. Who didn't choose to study science or go into medicine. Or join Sigma Chi.

And you know what?

That's okay.

My parents are supportive and are okay with the field of study I have chosen.

At least I thought they were.

My mom recently sent me a text that said, "When is your residency graduation?"

Hmmmm. Freudian slip?

30 October 2012


Zombie-mania has been sweeping the nation.

We find zombies mentioned all over the place: movies, television series, literature, and even the news.

Southern Utah University even has their own resident zombie expert, Dr. Kyle Bishop, who I heard lecture on the topic in September.

I recently jumped on the zombie bandwagon, first starting with SUU's Halloween party, The Scream. My friend Ali found way a legit makeup technique on Pinterest to make us look like grotesque zombies.
Me and Ali. And a Snake at SUU's epic Halloween party.
Isn't that makeup intense?! While at the Scream, we received many compliments. And also many shudders. I'll also be wearing that costume to school tomorrow. Woot.

Last night I started watching AMC's The Walking Dead television series on Netflix.

I was up really late because I was doing the wash and I had to wait for my last load to finish in the washer so that I could dry the clothes and have something to wear to school today. While waiting for the clothes to finish, I decided to start watching TWD.

It's pretty freaky.

When the laundry (and the first episode of TWD) was done, I went in the bathroom to get ready for bed only to discover that I was out of contact solution! Blurgh!

It was 02:30.

I needed contact solution.

I had just watched a pretty creepy show and was not too keen on the idea of leaving my house to head to Walmart to purchase contact solution at this terribly late (or early?) hour.

But I did.

I drove to Walmart. Guess how many cars I saw on the road?

Zero. The road to Walmart parallels I-15 and I only saw about three cars on it the whole time I was out.

I went to Walmart.
Looked around.

No sign of life. The world is stationary.
This is creepy.

I go into Walmart to be greeted by
no one.
Absolutely no one.
No employee.
No patron.
Just merchandise and fluorescent lights.

As I walked to the aisle where the contact solution was kept, my heart raced.
There are walkers there, waiting for me. Hungry. 

Luckily, walkers don't exist and I purchased my contact solution without dying or becoming undead.

It was still pretty creepy, though.

23 October 2012

The Great American Road Trip

I'm no stranger to the open road.

Driving to the nine hours to visit my sister in Reno doesn't even phase me.

I would love to look out the window and watch the American splendor pass by, but, unless I'm at the wheel, I fall asleep rather quickly (solution: Dr. Pepper).

My family has great memories road tripping together.

I remember (or at least I think I  remember) driving to Missouri to visit my maternal grandparents at Christmas when I was three. Momma Linda, dad, Damian, Gail, Katie, Nick, and I. One brown GMC diesel single cab truck. We had a camper shell on the truck so we stuck a mattress back there to travel in comfort and style. It was wintertime and very cold. To stay warm, we burrowed into piles of blankets and I think we had some sort of duct going from a heat vent through the small, sliding window into the bed.

We're pretty resourceful.

 That's definitely the longest drive I've done. We did that same drive again when I was twelve.

This past weekend, we went on another road trip through the wondrous grandeur of Southeast Utah.

SUU had fall break and I thought it might be good time to visit some Utah National Parks during the long weekend and help me do my #23b423 list. So we did.

I was really excited to go camping. It has been years (seriously sad) since I've been camping in the great outdoors. I was excited to sleep in a tent, and make our food, and have sand in every orifice of my body.
My parents had other plans.
Yeah. We stayed in a hotel. In Green River (ghetto town) which is about an hour away from Arches National Park- the first park we were going to visit. 

Here's a quick recap:
We left after SUU's loss to Weber State to our hotel in Green River.
Left GR super early to hike Delicate Arch before sunrise to watch the sun rise over the park. We drove all the paved roads in the park seeing awesome formations. Driving through the park reminded me a lot of the scenery in Disney/Pixar's Cars. Momma Linda and I did a couple short hikes.
Went to Dead Horse Point State Park. Left and came back because we missed the actual point. We're awesome like that sometimes. 
Went to Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky District. Incredible! A well kept secret. Looks 3x the size as the Grand Canyon and has spectacular formations. Mom and I did one short hike. 
Ate at one of two restaurants in GR. Not impressed. 
Went to bed early. It's amazing how much you can get done when you wake up at 04:45. 
Monday aka Winday: 
Alarm went off. Mom said "Ten more minutes." Usually I'm the one who says that. Ha.
Ate breakfast at the other restaurant in GR. I liked it better, though it is more difficult to screw up breakfast. 
Drove to Goblin Valley State Park. The drive provided beautiful views of the San Rafael Reef. Two words: majestically rugged. Goblin Valley provided crazy cool formations. Reminded me of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disneyland. It was very windy and I did end up getting sand in every orifice of my body.
Drove through Wayne County. It inspired me to write a book Fiftly Shades of Beige: The Exciting Story of Wayne County (it's not erotic in any way). Wayne County doesn't have a lot going on except for
Capitol Reef National Park. We only saw a tiny, tiny portion of the park which is so huge! Hiked to a natural bridge. Fruita historic town would be cool to visit during harvest season.
Drove. Saw fantastic views from UT Highway 12. I didn't take any photos. So sorry. Everyone should make this drive. It's so pretty it hurts.
Drove more. Cute, small towns, pastures, forests, creeks, canyons. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument was creepy to drive through. The highway drops off on either side at one point (and it wasn't even on Hell's Backbone Road!). 
Drove to Bryce Canyon National Park. Ate lunch/dinner at Ruby's Inn.
Four national parks. Two state parks. One national monument. Less than 48 hours. 855 miles. It was amazing how much beauty is so close to our home!

Picture time!

Delicate Arch before the sun rises.
The sun lights up the natural beauty of the park.
Dad, Momma Linda, and me on a rock that overlooks the arch.
Huge (and adorable) field mouse cowering in a corner of a waste bin.
Me and Momma Linda. Turret Arch. Arches NP.
Can you see the Parade of Elephants? Double Arch is behind the leading elephant's bum.
Natural bonsai? It's only about 12" tall. Canyonlands NP.
Momma Linda overlooking Upheaval Dome- a very unique geological feature (salt hills, remnants of a dome in a crater). Canyonlands NP.
Dad and Momma Linda at Canyonlands NP.
Driving parallel to the San Rafael Reef.
Wild Horse Butte in background.
Goblin Valley!
Momma Linda and me in Capitol Reef National Park with Hickman Bridge in the distance.
Looking down the canyon. All cotton wood trees were yellow. The green field below is an orchard in Fruita. 
Last stop before lunch/dinner at Ruby's Inn.
The next time you're needing a vacation, look at what's near your home. I had never visited Arches, or Canyonlands, or Dead Horse Point, or Goblin Valley, or Capitol Reef. And they're all within a four-and-a-half drive from my house! I'm kind of beating myself up for not seeing these things sooner.
Now that I know how close these sights are, I'll be going again. Maybe for spring break. And this time I want to sleep in a tent.
If you're a visual person, this is the route we took.

#9 a,b,c,d

Do you remember the list of 23 thing I want to do before I turn 23?
If you don't, that's ok. You can read it here.

Last week, SUU had fall break. Momma Linda, dad, and I took advantage of the long weekend and headed off on a great American road trip to help me accomplish some things on my list, primarily visiting National Parks. On this trip we also visited State Parks and National Monuments, but I you can read further details in the post called The Great American Road Trip

Rather than bore you with details in two different posts, here are some pictures of just the parks.

We hiked to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park in the dark before sunrise to watch the sun light up the park. It was beautiful.
Momma Linda in front of Double Arch.
Me by the sign at the visitors' center.
At Island in the Sky district in Canyonlands. This place is seriously massive!
The dome formation in this photo is the namesake for the national park. Early settlers thought it resembled the US Capitol building dome.
Now I just have to go to Zion!

13 October 2012

Weather and Holidays

Fun fact: I love the outdoors.
Hiking, camping, relaxing. For me, all these things are most enjoyed when I'm outside (I guess those first two are synonymous with outside).

Fun fact: I love celebrating holidays.
I'm an advocate of fun holiday traditions and developing new traditions.
My favorite holidays:
  1. Christmas
  2. Halloween
  3. Independence Day
  4. Anyone's Birthday
  5. Pioneer Day (Utah)
Those are pretty much the only ones I enjoy celebrating. Everything else, I'm rather lukewarm toward.

Let me draw your attention to number 2: Halloween.

Halloween is at the end of this month and I will be donning a costume, and trick-or-treating. Last Halloween, I was in California visiting my brother's family. I was actually handed out candy while the parentals took their kids around for candy.
Two hunters, a flapper, a skeleton, a witch, and a fairy princess. Source.
Halloween in SoCal had lovely weather.
Halloween in Cedar City has chilly weather.

Fun fact: I despise chilly weather.
I hope that this Halloween will be mild and dry so I don't have to wear too many layers under my zombie costume. 

10 October 2012

Seven to Ten Days

7 to 10 days.
Medical experts say that his how long the common cold should last.
If it lasts longer, you should go see a doctor.
Some people don't like going to the doctor. I am one of those people. I know, it seems like It go to the doctor a lot, but I don't like it.
The day after Labor Day, I got sick. Really sick. I took some time off work and school to recuperate. A week later, I was still phlegmy, but was able to function (for the most part) in my day-to-day tasks so I went back to work and school.
I had mad an almost full-recovery when Sunday (Oct 7) came around and I was hit by a freight train of illness- the same symptoms I had been experiencing, just a little more concentrated in the head.
After measuring a temperature of 101.2 degrees Fahrenheit, I finally went to the doctor (27 days too late) today. It turns out I'm more sick than I thought. I have an upper respiratory infection. Nothing major. Thank goodness for modern medicine and competent medical professionals who know what they're doing. I'm taking a cocktail of prescription and OTC drugs. I feel like a walking medicine cabinet, but I'm going to make a full recovery. In four days. FTW (that means "for the win." Nothing vulgar or profane. I promise.).
This is how I feel. Image source.
Sorry this writing is not my best. I have sick brain.

30 September 2012

Twenty-three Before 23

What the what?!
I have a blog?!
I totally forgot about that!

School, dear reader, has been hectic to say the least. And Netflix recently got a lot of new, awesome things to watch. But the good thing is I do all my homework first. Then I Netflix (in its verb form) until the wee hours of the morning.

Terrible, I know.

This month has been a blur. I have been busy.

Classes, "homework", blogging for #tbirdnation, working at home sporting events as an usher, being sick, participating in SUU's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's opera Trial By Jury, teaching orchestra and helping with advanced violin with the Southern Utah Suzuki Strings, teaching violin and viola privately, playing viola in the Orchestra of Southern Utah, running The Gentleman's Book Club of SUU in its pilot semester, while maintaining passing grades and a social life. And celebrating my twenty-second birthday.

My dear friend Becky and fellow blogger at #tbirdnation has a personal blog that is epic. You can find it in my links on the side or by clicking here. She had a post that listed thirty things she wants to do before she turns 30. So I'm following suit and doing something similar:

Twenty-three before 23 or #23b423.

Here's the list (in a random order):

  1. Milk a cow
  2. Visit a foreign country
  3. Make a short film
  4. Host a Christmas party
  5. Cross-country ski
  6. Enter a contemporary art piece in the Iron County Fair
  7. Nurture a bonsai
  8. Read Crime and Punishment
  9. Visit all five national parks in Utah (Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef)
  10. Eat calamari
  11. Dye my hair
  12. Bake a souffle
  13. Give President Benson a high-five
  14. Eat every meal for one week in a different venue
  15. Build a tree-house
  16. Learn  how to drive a manual transmission
  17. Hike The Narrows
  18. Attend Holi 
  19. Eat a dozen doughnuts from this place
  20. Go ice fishing
  21. Float in the Great Salt Lake
  22. Learn origami
  23. Live a day blind folded
So. You all are going to have to help me with this list. If you tweet about it, be sure to use the hashtag #23b423. Let's make this happen! I only have 347 days!

Ucler Free Is The Way To Be!

19 credits.
Technically 23, but I'm poor so I'm auditing four.
Enter: week six.

Wish me luck.

27 August 2012


(The title of this post is supposed to be a school bell ringing)

So. Here I am at SUU's beautiful Sherratt Library. Sitting in the computer lab. And it's the first day of the semester. I remember when I was a child and school shopping was a huge event. I would get new clothes, a pencil box, crayons, markers, colored pencils, a backpack, shoes, and number two pencils. Still in college, people love going school shopping to get the hottest new trends off the rack to look their best on the first day of school.

As I look around, I can see that some people are really concerned particular about their appearance. I can smell the newness of their shoes and see the unworn, store-freshness of their apparel. I have seen some that are trying too hard. Eye makeup in large quantities seems to be trending right now because it is everywhere. And, in my eyes, it is not an attractive look.

How am I doing on the fashion scene?

Erm.... I'm wearing jeans, a button-up shirt, tennis shoes. In other words, I'm wearing what I always wear (sans the jeans... I wish I was wearing shorts. It's rather warm). I just think it's interesting how my perspective on first impressions has evolved over the years. Yes, people as a whole (including myself) make primary judgements on others based solely on appearance. But today I'm wearing something that can't be bought at a store: a smile, a kind temperament, and an outgoing demeanor.

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.
-Marilyn Monroe

I'm going to modify that quote a little: A smile is the best accessory anyone can wear. 

Because you're never fully dressed without a smile and you'd best not leave your house without all your clothes on (that's from Annie).

22 August 2012


I don't know why I ever thought it was so much fun.

It kind of hurts. A lot.

That's all.

19 August 2012

Guy Liner

Once upon a time,
my friend Jenni turned 21. To celebrate, we were going to Salt Lake to the Twilight Concert Series concert of iron&wine- a band that I love. We were also going to go dancing, and have a sleepover at Jayson's house. The plan was to drive up to Salt Lake Wednesday the fifteenth with Jenni, Jomel, and Donovan, sleep, party Thursday with concert, dancing, et cetera, then head home.
Good plan.

Well, sometimes people die and that complicates plans.
My grandma's nephew died and I'm her designated driver (not meaning she's always drunk. She just doesn't like driving now that she's on in her years) and she needed to attend the funeral. So, Jenni, Jomel, Donovan, grandma, and I drove together in Grandma's car. I call us: Grandma's gang.

So grandma and I funeraled in Wallsburg, UT, population: tiny. Then grandma went off with my auntie and I took the car to get my friends and party.

Jenni, Jomel, and I picked up Jayson in Taylorsville (Donovan was already in Salt Lake), then hit up Chipotle for some grub. I was full of good ol' Mormon comfort food (e.g. ham, funeral potatoes, Jell-o salad) so I wasn't going to order anything. The following conversation happened with the man at the till.

Man: Are you getting anything?
Me: No. I'm not really hungry.
Man: If you've never had Chipotle before I can give you a free burrito.
Me: I used live back East where Chiptoles were plentiful and I ate there all the time.
Man: Well, I'll give you one anyway.

So I got a free burrito from Chipotle.

Jenni said he was flirting with me, but I don't really care because I got a free burrito from Chipotle. And I'm an award-winning author (just thought I'd remind you).

We then headed to City Creek to meet up with Cadence. It is a beautiful place! We didn't have a lot of time to spend there, but I really liked what little I saw. I'll need to go back, for sure.
Next stop: Pioneer Park, which is usually waaaaay sketch, but the people running the concert series clear out the vagrants and are now charging a nominal fee of $5 to keep it classy. Er. I'm not complaining. Super cheap. While there, I met up with a bunch of mission friends and we had a fun time catching up and listening to iron&wine.
The next stage of the adventure was dancing at Area51. Thursday night is 80's night so we had some sa-weet outfits to change into. I'm going to be really vain and tell you all that my outfit was great. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. Yet. Jayson had the only camera. I don't think I'll see those photos before he goes on his mission.... Anywho, part of my outrageous 80's outfit included makeup. Eyeliner to be exact, or, when worn by men, guy-liner (I was going for a David Bowie inspired look for the eyes). This stuff is waterproof. But not sweat-proof. After less than an hour, my nice, cleanly lined eyes had turned into raccoon eyes. Luckily, it looked ok because it looked Goth which was also very 80's.

At Jayson's house, I tried to wash off that mess of eye gunk. Yes. Tried. I scrubbed with soap. Then Jomel told me that I could get it off by putting on lotion and wiping it off with a tissue. I got lotion in my eyes and lotion hurts 400x more than soap in the eye. Way painful. I managed to get 68% of the guy-liner off, but the area around my eyes was swollen because of the excessive scrubbing and there are now little scabs under my eyes. Sad, I know.
I ended up wearing sunglasses the whole time I was around my grandma the next day because I didn't want her to see the guy-liner and think I was a cross-dresser or something. Well, when grandma saw that I was wearing guy-liner, she said that she had something that would take that right off. Of course she does. She's an Avon lady. Thanks to my sister Gail's makeup remover, I got it all off.

Sorry this is such a pictureless post. I do hope you enjoyed reading about Jenni's birthday adventure!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

"Living the dream" is a phrase of Western US college dialect that means "living at home while an adult, whether in college or otherwise."

Dear reader, I am living the dream.

I live at home.
My roommates (housemates?) are my folks.
I have access to free laundry facilities.
Free food (for me).
Free room and board.
Mom even throws in my laundry with theirs on occasion.
I'm saving lots of money.

One thing I love about my house is our garden. It's a very fruitful garden and we make good use of all the delicious, organic vegetables.
From the garden: green beans, pear tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, green bell peppers. Not from the garden: grapes, bread, steak.
Our weekly family Sunday dinner was also full of garden fresh vegetables!

So. I love veggies. They're delicious. And healthy.

In other news: I ate two pieces of cake for breakfast.

I guess it all balances out.

13 August 2012

National S'mores Day!

The tenth of August is apparently National S'mores Day.

My sister, Gail, is awesome and got some delicious s'mores fixin's for us to celebrate:

Marshmallows, graham crackers, original Hershey's milk chocolate, and some fun variations of Butterfinger chocolate, and Reece's peanut butter cups. I really enjoyed the peanut butter cups.
Enjoying the deliciousness of a s'more!

What variations do you enjoy for your s'mores?