12 December 2012

Headline-worthy News

I love being a music major.
I love creating and interpreting art.
I love performing (except when I get performance anxiety... which is too often).
I love the faculty and staff in the music department.
I love teaching. Being a teacher is, in my humble award-winning opinion, one of the most noble professions.
I love the students that I have the pleasure of teaching. Such nice kids.
I love the way music makes me feel.
I love the way my music makes others feel.

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about life.

My goals. 
My plans. 
Short term. 
Long term.

Where I want to be. 
What I want to do. 
What type of impact I want to make.

So I thought about the attributes I have. 

What I am I good at? 
What makes me happy? 
What can I see me doing?

As soon as I started at SUU, I applied and got accepted into the music education program. I have made so many great friends and memories. The faculty and staff really care. And they even decorate the music building for Christmas. I love it! 

But sometimes good things end. 

As I thought about my major and my career path, something didn't feel right. I felt doubt and uncertainty.

So I did what any Christian would do: I prayed. I did some research. I sought guidance and counsel from God about my uneasy feelings. 

The heavens did not open and tell me what to do. In fact, I became more restless about where I was going in life. 

A couple weeks later I made a decision: I am changing my major. To Hotel, Resort, & Hospitality Management. 

Upon making that decision, I felt so good! Those uneasy feelings of doubt and uncertainty went away and I'm at peace. 

Here's a good talk to read on the subject: http://magazine.byu.edu/?act=view&a=2536e

So. Life changing news.
Awesome, happy, wonderful, peaceful life changing news.


  1. Hey! That means we can take business classes together. :)

  2. Wow! Good for you! {And now you need to change your profile text... ;) }
    I will say this... music will always be there for you! Look at me! I'm a Biology/Chemistry gal who wanted to be a dentist, but I am now a piano teacher to 9 fabulous kids who make music come to life in my home! {And until last week I had the PRIVILEGE of being the Primary Chorister! Loved it!} So... even in hotels, you will still find a piano or two that you can sit and play on once in a while, right!!?!! And THAT would make you fabulous at the "hospitality" part of it all!