26 November 2012

Turkeys and Stuff

This month has been full of reminders that we need to be grateful for those things that we do have. I saw those reminders primarily on Facebook and Twitter. Let's be honest, those are really the only two websites that I frequent.

Many people posted one thing each day that they are grateful for. Touching things, really. Bearing their souls.

And I posted one thing that I'm grateful for. On Twitter.

Yup. That was my only thankful post.

But you know what?

Although I am so thankful for Downton Abbey, I am grateful for a multitude of other things. Will I list them here? No. Because I don't want to. You should watch this video. It's great.

So, dear reader, even though I may not tell you of my gratitude via posts or tweets, know that I am thankful. Not just in November or on the fourth Thursday of that month, but all days.

"Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character. We like to be around those who are grateful. They tend to brighten all around them. They make others feel better about themselves."
-Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

23 November 2012

Freudian Slip

I love my family.

We are all so weird.

I mean different.

There are five kids in my family. I'm the youngest. I have two brothers and two sisters.
We all went to Southern Utah University.
The areas of study varied from German, chemistry, sociology, and biology.

And then there's me: Eric, Bachelor's of Music Education candidate.

Both of my brothers took the medical road. My eldest brother is a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine and will be graduating from residency in June. My other brother is currently working on his Doctor of Pharmacy degree.
And they were both very active members of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

And then there's me: Eric. Who didn't choose to study science or go into medicine. Or join Sigma Chi.

And you know what?

That's okay.

My parents are supportive and are okay with the field of study I have chosen.

At least I thought they were.

My mom recently sent me a text that said, "When is your residency graduation?"

Hmmmm. Freudian slip?