30 September 2012

Twenty-three Before 23

What the what?!
I have a blog?!
I totally forgot about that!

School, dear reader, has been hectic to say the least. And Netflix recently got a lot of new, awesome things to watch. But the good thing is I do all my homework first. Then I Netflix (in its verb form) until the wee hours of the morning.

Terrible, I know.

This month has been a blur. I have been busy.

Classes, "homework", blogging for #tbirdnation, working at home sporting events as an usher, being sick, participating in SUU's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's opera Trial By Jury, teaching orchestra and helping with advanced violin with the Southern Utah Suzuki Strings, teaching violin and viola privately, playing viola in the Orchestra of Southern Utah, running The Gentleman's Book Club of SUU in its pilot semester, while maintaining passing grades and a social life. And celebrating my twenty-second birthday.

My dear friend Becky and fellow blogger at #tbirdnation has a personal blog that is epic. You can find it in my links on the side or by clicking here. She had a post that listed thirty things she wants to do before she turns 30. So I'm following suit and doing something similar:

Twenty-three before 23 or #23b423.

Here's the list (in a random order):

  1. Milk a cow
  2. Visit a foreign country
  3. Make a short film
  4. Host a Christmas party
  5. Cross-country ski
  6. Enter a contemporary art piece in the Iron County Fair
  7. Nurture a bonsai
  8. Read Crime and Punishment
  9. Visit all five national parks in Utah (Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef)
  10. Eat calamari
  11. Dye my hair
  12. Bake a souffle
  13. Give President Benson a high-five
  14. Eat every meal for one week in a different venue
  15. Build a tree-house
  16. Learn  how to drive a manual transmission
  17. Hike The Narrows
  18. Attend Holi 
  19. Eat a dozen doughnuts from this place
  20. Go ice fishing
  21. Float in the Great Salt Lake
  22. Learn origami
  23. Live a day blind folded
So. You all are going to have to help me with this list. If you tweet about it, be sure to use the hashtag #23b423. Let's make this happen! I only have 347 days!

Ucler Free Is The Way To Be!

19 credits.
Technically 23, but I'm poor so I'm auditing four.
Enter: week six.

Wish me luck.