31 January 2013



Or, as I like to say, I got my her did.

Watch the first 14 seconds of this clip: 

I went to Evan's Hairstyling College. My hair stylist's name was Brittany. I wanted to go a darker brown everywhere and get a splash of bright red. When I told that to my mother, she wasn't too terribly excited. So I just did the splash of red. Why red? Because I'm a T-Bird!

Before Brittany could put in the red, she had to bleach the natural color out. So there  was a period of time that I had a spot of lovely blonde hair. I wish I took a picture of that.

Good things about this experience:
I love the feeling of someone shampooing your hair.
It was only $6, plus tip.
Brittany and I became fast friends.

Things I didn't care for:
It took a lot longer than I anticipated, but I'm understanding because it's a hairstyling school and they're learning.
The building is going under some minor renovations, so it was loud.

Picture time!

Adding the red.
The finished product!
Me and Brittany. She did a very good job and will be a fantastic hairstylist when she graduates in September.

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