10 October 2012

Seven to Ten Days

7 to 10 days.
Medical experts say that his how long the common cold should last.
If it lasts longer, you should go see a doctor.
Some people don't like going to the doctor. I am one of those people. I know, it seems like It go to the doctor a lot, but I don't like it.
The day after Labor Day, I got sick. Really sick. I took some time off work and school to recuperate. A week later, I was still phlegmy, but was able to function (for the most part) in my day-to-day tasks so I went back to work and school.
I had mad an almost full-recovery when Sunday (Oct 7) came around and I was hit by a freight train of illness- the same symptoms I had been experiencing, just a little more concentrated in the head.
After measuring a temperature of 101.2 degrees Fahrenheit, I finally went to the doctor (27 days too late) today. It turns out I'm more sick than I thought. I have an upper respiratory infection. Nothing major. Thank goodness for modern medicine and competent medical professionals who know what they're doing. I'm taking a cocktail of prescription and OTC drugs. I feel like a walking medicine cabinet, but I'm going to make a full recovery. In four days. FTW (that means "for the win." Nothing vulgar or profane. I promise.).
This is how I feel. Image source.
Sorry this writing is not my best. I have sick brain.

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