30 October 2012


Zombie-mania has been sweeping the nation.

We find zombies mentioned all over the place: movies, television series, literature, and even the news.

Southern Utah University even has their own resident zombie expert, Dr. Kyle Bishop, who I heard lecture on the topic in September.

I recently jumped on the zombie bandwagon, first starting with SUU's Halloween party, The Scream. My friend Ali found way a legit makeup technique on Pinterest to make us look like grotesque zombies.
Me and Ali. And a Snake at SUU's epic Halloween party.
Isn't that makeup intense?! While at the Scream, we received many compliments. And also many shudders. I'll also be wearing that costume to school tomorrow. Woot.

Last night I started watching AMC's The Walking Dead television series on Netflix.

I was up really late because I was doing the wash and I had to wait for my last load to finish in the washer so that I could dry the clothes and have something to wear to school today. While waiting for the clothes to finish, I decided to start watching TWD.

It's pretty freaky.

When the laundry (and the first episode of TWD) was done, I went in the bathroom to get ready for bed only to discover that I was out of contact solution! Blurgh!

It was 02:30.

I needed contact solution.

I had just watched a pretty creepy show and was not too keen on the idea of leaving my house to head to Walmart to purchase contact solution at this terribly late (or early?) hour.

But I did.

I drove to Walmart. Guess how many cars I saw on the road?

Zero. The road to Walmart parallels I-15 and I only saw about three cars on it the whole time I was out.

I went to Walmart.
Looked around.

No sign of life. The world is stationary.
This is creepy.

I go into Walmart to be greeted by
no one.
Absolutely no one.
No employee.
No patron.
Just merchandise and fluorescent lights.

As I walked to the aisle where the contact solution was kept, my heart raced.
There are walkers there, waiting for me. Hungry. 

Luckily, walkers don't exist and I purchased my contact solution without dying or becoming undead.

It was still pretty creepy, though.

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  1. Eric - I would like to state how much I adore your sense of story-telling and humor. I'm glad you didn't die or become undead. Then I wouldn't be able to hang out with you anymore. Which would be sadness...

    PS: Your costume was very freaky. Wish I could have seen it in person.