19 August 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

"Living the dream" is a phrase of Western US college dialect that means "living at home while an adult, whether in college or otherwise."

Dear reader, I am living the dream.

I live at home.
My roommates (housemates?) are my folks.
I have access to free laundry facilities.
Free food (for me).
Free room and board.
Mom even throws in my laundry with theirs on occasion.
I'm saving lots of money.

One thing I love about my house is our garden. It's a very fruitful garden and we make good use of all the delicious, organic vegetables.
From the garden: green beans, pear tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, green bell peppers. Not from the garden: grapes, bread, steak.
Our weekly family Sunday dinner was also full of garden fresh vegetables!

So. I love veggies. They're delicious. And healthy.

In other news: I ate two pieces of cake for breakfast.

I guess it all balances out.

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  1. I loved the Sesame Street video. I remember that one. . .sing it often in my head as I'm preparing our "healthy food." Not so often when I eat two pieces of cake for dessert. Dad tried to convince me this morning that eating cake for breakfast was no different than having a donut. When do we ever eat donuts for breakfast any more??