08 August 2012

My Friends Are Cute

Not only have I been able to spend tons of time with family this summer, but I've also been able to party it up like it's 1999 with friends. I also consider myself super blessed because I've been able to make some grand friendships over the 104 days of summer vacation.

Just for fun, here is an example of epic friendships that will go down in the history books:

Monday: I get a call from Jenni. She asks me what I have going on that day. I told her: dentist appointment and chiropractor appointment.

She says I should play hookey from those events and go to Vegas with her, Kadee, and Jayson. I, unfortunately cannot. So they go. And have fun. They were safe. But I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to go because Jayson is leaving to serve a mission next month and time is limited with that kid.

Anywho, I sent Jenni a text message that said to bring me back some souvenirs. I received a message back saying she hoped I'll enjoy my lovely souvenirs. I got excited. This is what they brought back:

Since I couldn't go to Vegas, they brought Vegas-- to go! And they each signed the back of it. Cute.
They went to Dick's Last Resort and got a key chain with their photo in it. Jayson is wearing a paper hat that you get there. They have funny/inappropriate things written on them. I don't know what his says.
Jenni: I got you a necklace from the oxygen bar! Don't get too excited, though-- it's been up my nose.
Don't worry, dear reader. I don't really wear it.
Aren't my friends the best! That's not a question. It's a statement. Posed in the form a question.

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