01 August 2012

In Another Life, I Was A Butterfly


There are 
big ones,
little ones,
short ones,
tall ones,
white ones,
diverse ones,
super white ones,
funny ones,
mundane ones,
happy ones
sad ones,
angry ones,
loving ones,
blonde ones,
ginger ones,

And I love being around them. They are like pollen and I am like a butterfly, going to person-flower to person-flower, gathering all the different stories, experiences, and qualities that makes each person-flower unique.

I guess that's where the term "social butterfly" comes from?

Works for me.
Yesterday, I was working in the garden putting in a dividing wall between the lawn and the garden (you can see the yellow line marking where it is going in the above photo). I needed people around me. Luckily, I have two stellar friends who came over, picked some produce, weeded, and helped get the ground ready for the wall. As we worked (and sweated. A lot), we talked. And shared. And there is nothing more sweeter than sharing pollen-friendship. Which totally exists.

So, my dear flower-people, let's get together and have some fun.

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