06 September 2009


[Missionary tag] My mission: The days are flying by and there's still lots to do. Lots and lots and lots and lots to do.

[Pile of folded shirts] The inevitable clothing shopping: I do not like shopping. Especially for clothes. The image of a folded pile of shirts represents the things I must purchase before September 23. Some of those things? 8 white dress shirts, 1 pair of slacks, 1 suit, lotsa socks, shoes. And that's only a portion of the list.

[Burger King King] The Burger King: He's just really creepy.

[Camera] Pictures: As I'm preparing to serve, I think: should I still do some legit missionary pictures? What pictures should I put in my little album I'm going to take on my mission? And should I buy that digital camera on Ebay to take on my mission?

[Messy garage] Gramma's carport: I've been helping my grandmother, Berenice, clean out her carport. It is messy. There is so much clutter and garbage and junk and dirt. It seems like an impossible task. But. We're making progress.

[Milka] Milka: The other day, dad informed me that I had a package in the mail. It's contents: Milka!! And a wonderful letter from my German friend Maria M. There was also a ladybug stuffed animal. In Germany, ladybugs bring good luck.

[Peach pie] Peach pie!: We had peaches. So mom made 3 pies. I think I've eaten, cumulatively, one pie. Or close to it. They are soooo good.

[Mailbox] Letters and other informative items: Oh how I delight in receiving letters! There is something about a handwritten letter that takes me back to a simpler time; a time full of nostalgia and peach pies; a time when junk mail didn't exist; a time when life was simple, uncomplicated by computers, TV, mobile phones, and loud media. I've been getting letters from a couple of missionaries and Maria.
And. I got MTC info and info regarding my mission. And I'm waiting for my new debit card. Woot for mail!

[Christmas tree] Christmas: I love Christmas. Even though it's only September, Christmas has a way of sneaking a way into my thoughts. This Christmas will be... well, different. But there is no place in the whole wide world I would rather be.

[St. George Temple] Temple: I'm trying to attend the temple as much as I can in the next few weeks that I'm home. The St. George Temple has been closed for the past two weeks for it's scheduled cleaning and maintenance, but it reopens on Tuesday.
I had a nice long visit with my across-the-street-neighbor, Josh, who recently (less than 1 month) returned home from serving in Florida. The nearest temple to his mission is the Orlando Temple and he only got to attend once because it was four hours out of his mission. I hope that I'll have the opportunity to attend the DC Temple often. And it's even in my mission.

[Guy sleeping] Sleep: I love naps. And I love sleeping in. It seems like my body needs 12 hours of sleep/day. Maybe my brain manufactures excess melatonin? I don't know how I'm going to fare in the mission field, but I have faith that the Lord will give me the strength and energy to carry on.

[Alarm clock] Tomorrow: Tomorrow will welcome me. With tomorrow (and every tomorrow) there are new challenges, blessings, and friends. Although I'm not a fan of waking up, I hope I can face tomorrow with a smile and a willing attitude.

*Not Pictured*

[Speaking] Opportunity to speak: I will be speaking in sacrament meeting on the twentieth for 15-20 minutes. That seems like a really long time for me to talk.
That's not all that's on my mind. There's tons more going on in there. One might even say, it's mind bottling. And no, I don't think the expression is really "mind bottling." It's from a movie.
☮ ♡ ☺


  1. dear friend,
    i really like what is on your mind. quite the creative idea. :) maybe i'll try it.

    i hope life is good and you get to meet sister garcia on your mission :)

  2. Dearest Eric!!!
    I love these thoughts! When I grow up I want to think like you. Then I would have really cool thoughts. Becca misses you. She says you should come play. I'm not really sure she even remebers who you are though. But I think you should come play anyway. Speaking of mail and enjoying getting letters and packages you must make sure that I get your address before you leave that way I may send you amazing letters and snack of the cookie and candy variety. And any other variety that you so desperatly desire. Ok? ok. And Speaking of temple trips we must take one. And speaking of speaking. I will be there.
    P dot S dot Basically you should mail yourself home every P-day that way we can play and then I will mail you back and noone will know you were even gone.

  3. this is so great. good thoughts. good you.