27 July 2012

The Fruit of My Labours

Tonight I had my nieces and nephew over while their mom, Tandy, went out on the town with one of her old buddies. While she was out, I was in charge of feeding the little rascals. The kids went fishing yesterday at kid's pond and Lexi and Braeden both caught trout and that's what they were going to eat. Since they were going to have fish, I decided that I should have some fish, too. In the freezer I found some delicious halibut from mom and dad's trip to Alaska last year. Nom.

As I started preparing the fish, both Lexi and Braeden were disgusted at the things I was putting on it. I told them to trust me  and not worry about it and to trust me, that I know what I'm doing and I know how to cook. Then I put their fish, wrapped in aluminum foil, on the grill. Second shelf. Low heat. Then I started making french fries (Lexi is the world's slowest potato cutter). The kids loved those. After that, I started dipping my lovely halibut in batter and frying. The kids were mortified. They were convinced that what I was doing was the must disgusting thing ever. After they devoured their trout, I made Lexi and Braeden try some of mine (Ella would take no part) and they both liked it. Lexi ate quite a bit.

So, in commemoration of the 2012 London Olympic Games, I had delicious fish 'n' chips. So good!

Nom! Photo credit: Lexi.

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