28 June 2009


I went to the Manti Pageant Saturday the twenty-seventh with two dear, dear, dear friends of mine: Isie and Venice Jardine.
We left Cedar in Isie's car around 12:40 pm and drove to Richfield and ate lunch at Wendy's. I took the wheel from there and I finished the next forty minute leg of the journey to Manti.
Here are some lovely photographs chronicling a small portion of our adventure in Manti.

Driving sure is exhausting!


A really really really blue pond! This photo doesn't convey the blueness of it. And cows.

Can you see the temple?

We made it without any harm or accident.

Yeah it is!

When we pulled into town, we did not heed the signs and park in the designated parking area. We parked on Main Street next to the Manti City vistor's center. And there were lovely trees there that provided some well needed shade for that hot day.
there was the greatest playground with the most fun spinny toy things ever. Seriously. I wish we would have photographed that little place. I had so much fun playing there and making myself ill.

Isie finding cool shade at the park.

Me and Venice sitting at a picnic table at the park.

Drinking the cool, refreshing water from the "trough" set up by the Pageant area. Please note a portion of the fourteen thousand plus chairs set up behind us.

After playing and resting for a bit, we walked up to Temple Hill and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, the beautiful Temple, and the lovely views of the Sanpete Valley.

Looking up Temple Hill over a flower bed.

Funny story: While by the temple, Isie offered to take a picture of a young [engaged?] couple. Venice and I were in the shot and Isie said, "Eric, Venice, you're in the picture!" And the guy gave us a weird look and asked us what our names were. Turns out their names are Eric and Venessa. From Brazil. It was funny. Trust me.

Isie and Venice

Awkward engagement photo? No. Just two great friends!

The Manti Utah Temple beautifully back lit by the sun.

The gates to get into the seating area opened at 6:00 and we got in at approximately 6:15 and were able to find superb seats. We placed our blankets on our seats and then had dinner from Miller's Drive-In and ate in the park. I even saw a bunch of kids that I went to school with from Cedar! Small world. While eating at the park, I managed to spill a little plastic cup full of fry sauce all over my pants! It was awful! Luckily, Venice grabbed a bunch of napkins and I was able to clean up the mess.
After dinner, we went back to our seats and basically eavesdropped on conversations around us for entertainment.
There was a young couple that asked Isie to take their picture with the temple in the background. The three of us were playing the game "find the cutest couple". They were the cutest and Isie continued to take pictures of them, trying to photograph them kissing. What can I say. We're just a bunch of hopeless romantics.

The cute cuddling couple.

The sun is setting, the stage is set, and my spirit is singing.

Great friends. Great times!

☮ ♡ ☺

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  1. So, Eric. It seems you did not get the memo that you were supposed to be wearing a green shirt. Nice photos...so THAT what was on your shorts I just washed today!! Ha ha.