08 August 2009


Why is it so cold today?
Isn't it August? This is when Cedar usually gets some major heat in the summer months, but that is definitely not the case for today.
A huge cold front moved in and it made my last night's sleep miserable.

The first time I woke up, I closed the window.
The second time I woke up, I unfolded the blanket at the foot of my bed and put it over me, in addition with the bedspread I already had.
The third time I woke up, I put on socks, flannel pajama pants, and a long-sleeved shirt (I usually just sleep in my underwear).
The fourth time I woke up, I went into the computer room and grabbed the little space heater and turned it on in my room.

That was not cool. In the temperature sense, it was cold. According to weather.com it was 56° F last night. Tonight, it will be 46° F. I think I might be building a fire.

So I have a theory, albeit a lame one, but a theory nonetheless: People are attracted to climates that describe themselves.
e.g. I am drawn to hot, dry places; therefore, I'm hot and dry (definitely hot, but dry? I don't know...) My friend, Brantz, loves cool temperatures; therefore, he's cool (and he is.)

So let me know how you roll- what climate you're drawn to. And we'll analyze the data. Or not. Just... whatever.


  1. I quite enjoy the shift in temps. It's been a perfect 70 something with clouds all weekend in the 801. I can sleep with the windows open and wrapped up in my comforter, which I love. Not too hot. Not too cold. What does that make me?

    PS... dry sense of humor? Nah...

  2. hum... maybe a dry sense of humor? I like balmy weather... nice cool ocean breezes, nice calm days... not too hot, not too cold... so I guess that's me.

  3. I slept under just a sheet (and jammies) on those cold nights with the window wide open. I thought it felt good. I like crisp weather. Cool- but not cold-- and dry. Great bicycle riding weather, and great for sleeping in, too. But perhaps only if one has a heated water bed. ;-) AND, later this week you'll be a little warmer and little more covered, if you get my drift;-) Sleep comfy, my boy. And go to bed earlier so when you DO wake up, it won't eat into your rest time quite so much!!

  4. Hali- I think that makes you a... I don't know. Bad theory. Why don't you tell me.

    And seriously, ME a dry sense of humor? Har har har. I thought y'all have met me before.