17 October 2011

Home again, home again, jiggidy jog.

Greetings to the person (people?!) who read(s) my blog!

Guess what?

I have successfully completed my two years of service for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served in the Washington DC North mission which covers DC and surrounding Maryland. And now I'm back in good ol' Southern Utah.

My greatest desire is to post the thousands of photos I took on my mission, but I won't.
However, you can expect some photos from my mission in future posts. The photos might be relevant. Or they might not. We'll see how it goes.

I'm excited for the adventures that lie ahead as I continue to power through LIFE. One bowl at a time.

Oh look! A random picture from the mission! Dinner at Elder & Sister Sowby's. L to R: Elder and Sister Sowby (in mirror), Sister Lewis, Elder Krugman, me, and Sister Otieno. August 2011


  1. I guess this comment would mean you have PEOPLE (as opposed to person) reading your blog!! Yay! Welcome home! Hope your Not-Homecoming-Talk goes well on Sunday!

  2. Eric! I'm so excited that you're home! lol I feel like I somewhat know about your mission life because your mom forwarded me your emails but we should catch up soon! I'm going to try to make it to your "not homecoming" but I might have to leave cedar before then to make it back to logan at a decent hour. Hopefully I'll be there though!