23 October 2011

What to blog about...

I'm trying to be a diligent blogger. So sometimes my entries might be fluffy and not interesting/entertaining.

So today I spoke in sacrament meeting. It was a good talk, if I do say so myself. And I do. Some great, magnificent, good-looking friends and family came to listen. That was nice of them. It's always good to look up and see familiar faces (might I add faces that aren't trying to make you laugh.... Damian). The topic I was assigned to talk about was tithing. But let's be honest, who drives 4 hours and wants to hear about tithing? So I talked about my mission.

After the block of meetings, we went to my house and ate food. Lots and lots of food. I love food. We had meatballs, and little sandwiches, and a veggie platter (lots from the garden!), and strawberry jell-o salad (the most divine food ever), and apples and caramel dip (apples from our tree), and pumpkin chocolate cookies (pumpkin from our garden), and apple crisp (also made with apples from our tree).

It was a great weekend. I feel bad for mom. She always stresses out about these things. Now she has a cold. No bueno.

Thanks for reading!

Oh look! Another random picture from my mission!
L to R: Sushma R., Me, Rajesh R. They are Nepalese refugees. Great people.


  1. I want to hear tons about your mission! And the pictures! love you!

  2. When you gave your talk and shared stories from your mission did you remember to mention the best family ever a.k.a. The Rowe Family???

  3. It appears Gertrude forgot to comment on this post.