03 November 2011

November News

Perhaps I should start out with "October Olds" as I haven't posted for a minute.

Halloween was spent in Temecula with Damian and his family. It was fun. I have no pictures because I didn't take my camera, but I'm sure Tandy will get them on her blog before too long. I ate lots of food. Mainly candy. Their kids are super cute.

Good times.

Anywho, this weekend was spent up in Grand Ol' Vernal, Utah for Teagan's (my cousin's daughter) wedding. Mom, dad, Grandma L, and me loaded up the bed of the truck with Dutch ovens (dad was doing the food for the reception: Dutch oven cobbler. Yum!), luggage, and boxes of Christmas gifts (it almost resembled Santa's sleigh), and drove the 7 hours to Vernal. Too long.

Many of Grandma's posterity lives in Vernal and she decided that she needed to take up a bunch of gifts. She amazes me, that woman. She gets all her posterity a gift for Christmas and has all their birthdays and names memorized. You may think that that's no big deal. But it is. It's a huge deal. Grandma has 8 children, 34 grandchildren (of which I am the youngest), 77 great grandchildren, and 44 great-great grandchildren. And add in their spouses, too. That's a lot of people.

We were joined by Nick, his lady friend K-Leigh (not actual spelling), and aunt Gayela. They helped with the preparation and serving of the Dutch oven goodness. Mom, dad, Nick, K-Liegh, and I slept in a 5th Wheel-toy hauler of cousin Scott's nicknamed The Ramada Inn. That thing is huge! Its ceilings are taller than the ones in my house! I wish I had a photo to post. But I don't.

On Saturday morning before the wedding, Mom, dad, and I went to a session at the Vernal Utah Temple. The temple was the Vernal Tabernacle and was converted into a temple in the mid-90's. It is a smaller temple, but the session we were in was packed because there was a couple being sealed for eternity. Yay!

Me at the Vernal Temple.

Back to the wedding details: Teagan is very country (I think everyone in Vernal is...) and so was the decor. Living in Southern Utah, I have been to my fair share of country themed wedding receptions and have been appalled by the amount of hay bales. But Teagan did a very good job with color scheme and decor.

The eating area.

The cake.

The servers LtoR: Dad, Me, K-Leigh, Nick. Sorry it's a bit blurry.

The happy couple during the ceremony!
We sat on the front row and had a nice view of Trevor's back.

The "shoes" Teagan wore to her wedding. You go, cowgirl!

On Sunday morning we decided that we would go to sacrament meeting with someone whose ward meets at 9am (we have enough family in Vernal, there's bound to be someone assigned that time) and the winner was Monica! So we went to church with her. And there was no heat in the building. I was cold. I am usually cold (just shake my hand and you will see what I mean) but I was shivering. I was in my coat (the mustard yellow corduroy one. yeah.) and I had a scarf. And I wore a hat. I wasn't going to wear the hat, but I was shivering so bad that mom put it on my head. I pointed out to mom while I was sitting there shivering that we drove by three chapels to get to Monica's chapel and I bet that all of them had working heat.

It was a good weekend.
I love weddings. I love weddings more when I don't have to serve food or bus tables.
I love seeing family. I don't love driving 7 hours in a truck with very hard seats.

I just realized: last weekend I also spent 14 hours in a car going to/from SoCal. Gross.

☮ ♡ ☺


  1. Thank you for serving food, busing tables and washing dutch ovens! We'll have to do it again sometime. Oh, wait--we WILL on Friday the 11th for the Cedar Birthday Ball!! See you then...I'll bring the aprons. ;-)

  2. Wow! What a weekend this must have been! I do adore the wedding decor. Also at some point in time I forgot that Vernal had a temple. It is nice though! Cold is basically Utah's second name and your middle name. At first I was thinking you two would get along well but then I realized it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Maybe you should move? How about to Australia?