20 November 2011


Unexpected anger: Turning on the TV to watch pretty much the only show that you watch only to find out that the American Music Awards are on instead. Grrr.

Unexpected boredom: Has church always been three hours? I'm pretty sure that I got all meetinged-out on my mission. I miss the wonderful lessons presented by Brother Dr. Harrison in my family ward. Must endure!

Unexpected gratitude: For mom. She made and amazing dinner today for us all (and she makes dinner often) and then she cleaned it all up. And she finally finished up all the apple business (dehydrated, apple sauce, apple jelly). She is just amazing.

Unexpected nap attacks: I had one at 7:30pm today. So I had me a nap. Now I hope that I'll be able to fall asleep tonight (the time is currently... Oh, man! Is it really that late already?! It's about 15 to 11.).

Unexpected lateness: It's 10:45.

Unexpected laughter: Yesterday Caroline was over and I showed her and mom the apple breaking trick. Mom asked where I learned it and I said "On my mission." Caroline overheard and responded with the statement: "Oh. Sam (her uncle) only learned Portuguese on his mission." At this point, mother and myself commenced in hearty laughter because, let's be honest: breaking apples in half with your bare hands is waaay better than learning Portuguese.

Unexpected frustration: Portuguese: it's a really hard word for me to spell. Had to look it up.

Unexpected blessings: Going to the temple with mom and grandma on Wednesday to commemorate 63 years of marriage between grandma and grandpa.

Unexpected joy: sitting around the dinner table and being absolutely, inexplicably happy. Why? Because I'm surrounded by the ones that I love most: family.

Unexpected weather: It's raining right now.

Unexpected comfort: Making your bed in the morning is worth the investment of time. It's so much nicer to snuggle in between tight, smooth sheets as opposed to wrapping up in a mess of blankets and sheets. Try it. You'll like it.

Unexpected blankness: I don't know what else to say.

Oh look! Yet another random photo from my mission!
This is at a birthday party of a young man in the Gaithersburg I ward March 2010. We're playing spoons. Sister Patterson did a great job catching the thrill of the game on film.
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  1. :)
    I just love the way you write :)

  2. Mmmm nothing warms my feet on a cold Winters night like a pre-made bed!