06 January 2012


Without scruples, life would taste like foot. 
~E. M. Liebhardt

I went to freshman orientation today at Southern Utah University. It was here I decided that I'm not going to lay low. I'm going to be outspoken. I'm going to make new friends. I'm going to get good grades. In a nutshell: I'm going to rock the socks off SUU. 

I recently finished a book. I suppose it would go under the category of self-help books. Or reference. Or etiquette. Or self-improvement. The book is called The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man by Brett and Kate McKay. It was a very good read and I learned about alot. One inspiring thing that I learned from this read is as follows:
Great achievements come to those who are willing to take risks. A leader who continually plays it safe will never put themselves or the people they lead in a position to experience success. A life without risks is surely alluring; its sweet lullaby of safety and comfort has lulled many a man into the trap of mediocrity and apathy. But a man who never dares greatly fails to see that he has taken the greatest risk of all: the risk that he will never progress, never refine his soul, never amount to anything worthwhile. (209)
That's just one tidbit of goodness that I enjoyed whilst reading this informative book. This section is obviously talking about leadership and though I'm not aspiring to lead the SUUSA or anything, I, and you do, too, have many instances where we lead. Whether in our families, schools, communities, or churches, we are all leaders in some small (or great) way. I'm choosing to lead my personal experience at SUU. To be the effective leader of this path I need to take risks.

And take risks I shall.

And I'll keep my foot out of my mouth.

Most of the time.

Goodness me! I almost forgot about the segment I like to call The Random Photo From My Mission.

This is me and my trainee, Elder Jacob C. of Taylorsville. We are at the Washington DC Temple Visitors' Center.

☮ ♡ ☺

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