15 January 2012

The Sunday Evening Post

Sometimes this is how I feel. Yet I still blog. Source: Despair.com
Education News: I am officially a music education major at Southern Utah University. I am not overwhelmed. Yet. I am not underwhelmed. I am just whelmed.

Sports News: I have been playing racquetball with my friend Michael S. I also really want to try Zumba (it has yet to be rescheduled for this semester). A visiting high councilor even mentioned how Zumba has helped his old body and he can now almost touch his toes.

Religion News: I received a new calling today. I am the assistant finance clerk in my ward [congregation]. I also have a new home teaching companion who is also in the music ed. program. And today I spoke in the Hamilton Fort ward about The Book of Mormon which is pretty much my favorite book. Ever.

Finance News: I don't have enough money. I need a job. However, I did get a $500+ check from SUU for having left over grant money. $150 of it went to purchase textbooks (hooray for the internet and cheap, used textbooks!).

Arts and Entertainment News: I went to listen to the American Piano Quartet as part of Cedar City Music Arts Virtuoso season. Holy cow. Those guys can play some piano.

Obituaries: I'm still alive.

Random Photo from the Mission:
Some of the best memories I have of the mission are the wonderful missionaries I served with. These are the missionaries that lived in Parkview Gardens in Riverdale Park, MD in September 2010. LtoR: Elder Austin L, Elder Me, Elder Andy P, Elder Tin Chi L, Elder Taylor T.


  1. Lovely post, dear. I'm tempted to say, "Get a job." But I think you've heard that before. Love, Mom

  2. What ever happened to the Men's Book Club? Bye.

    1. The Gentleman's Book Club is in the approval stages at SUU. If it doesn't get approved (and it might not because it will be an all male organization), then it shall continue independently.

  3. I'm glad you're still alive! I'll worry when the obit. section has been written...