06 February 2013

I'm What Now?

Last weekend, I had the privilege to travel to Temecula, CA to speak at my nephew's baptism (I almost typed funeral... weird).

It was fantastic being in the 70 degree weather in February. It was also fantastic being with so many family members.

One of my nieces, Ella (who we lovingly call "YElla" due to her abnormally high decibel levels) is a doll. She is five, blonde, nice white teeth, a big mouth, and I'm probably her favorite uncle.

Who am I kidding? I'm definitely her favorite uncle.

Anywho, after family prayer, the kids go around the circle of people and give hugs and kisses. As soon as "hugs and kisses" time started, Ella ran over to me, threw her arms around me, pulled back, looked at me, and said in her very loud voice, "I'm hugging you first because you're the weirdest!"

Well, I'm glad she knows why I'm her favorite.

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