09 February 2013

Just in Case

In case I die and I don't get around to doing a legit will, we're going to count this blog post as my will.

Request 1: Whatever nominal funds I have, they are to be donated to either SUU, OSU, or some arts program for children. Pick one. I'll be dead, so I won't have much say in the matter.

Request 2: "The Lord is My Shepherd" from John Rutter's Requiem must be played at my funeral. It's pretty much the most beautiful piece ever.

Request 3: Don't fight over my stuff. Donate my instruments to the ICSD. All of my cool clothes should either be burned, shredded, cut up and made into blankets, or shipped to third-world or developing countries.

Shortest will ever.

My living will: keep me alive as long as insurance covers it. After that, pull the plug. Please. Your money is more valuable than my life... probably.

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