26 September 2013

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It's sometimes difficult for me to see the purpose of keep a blog.

I mean, I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You would think that between all the different social media outlets, blogs would become obsolete.

And I have apparently "obsoleted" my blog.

And I apologize because I love writing! I really do!

Perhaps one reason why I don't feel the need to write on my blog is because I'm always writing at my job at the University Journal, SUU's newspaper.

Perhaps it's because I didn't finish everything on my #23b423 list and am so ashamed to show my (cyber)face.

Whatever the reason, I apologize to my huge following. When I say 'huge following' I'm obviously referring to the amount of support I feel from you.


Enough rambling.

Ahem. I think a good place to start is to say this:

This summer was amazing! I was able to be an Orientation Leader for the school I love! I was also one of the Adventure Orientation Leaders and had the opportunity to take a group of seven students up Cedar Canyon and explore Dixie National Forest and Cedar Breaks National Monument. And I got my Junior Ranger Badge.
I was able to visit Washington D.C.  for 10 days and see so many wonderful friends and make new friends.
I spent two weeks in the midwest visiting Katie and her cute family in Madison.
I went on a bunch of hikes that are in my backyard here in southern Utah.
I presented at a high school leadership conference on conflict resolution and passive aggression. In my presentation, I used examples from Harry Potter and Mean Girls. I was shocked by how few of those high school students had not read HP or seen MG. And it made me feel old when I found out that some in attendance were born in 1998.

Now that summer is over, I'm enjoying school.
I think I have finally learned how to say 'no' and am no longer in charge of the #tbirdnation blog. I was just too busy and something had to go.
I've been making loads of new friends and rekindling old friendships.
I love supporting my T-Birds in their athletic ventures as I cheer with my fellow students. There is nothing I love more than singing the fight song after each touchdown. And I actually get to see the game because I'm not working for the athletic department!

As this semester progresses and as super exciting things happen, I will keep you updated, dear reader.

Until then, I'll say adieu.

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