26 September 2013

Walking on Sunshine

The following post has been sitting in my drafts since July. Enjoy.

This week has been heavenly!
I finished my stay in Washington DC. While there I saw new sights, met new friends, played tourist and tour guide, learned some Hungarian folk dancing, and fell in love with the Federal District all over again.
On Wednesday, I had the blessed opportunity to sing in the Cedar Area Interfaith Alliance Choir concert. The program was entitled The Seven Miracles that Saved America and was based on the book by Chris and Ted Stewart and illustrations by SUU artist in residence, Ben Sowards. It was a lovely program held in the spacious area of Christ the King Catholic Church. The program had narrations of fictional letters based on historical facts and the miracles were the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, Jamestown, a summer fog during the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg, the battle at Midway, and Regan's life being spared by a fraction of an inch.
Perhaps my recent stay in the nation's capital made my heart so tender as I spent Independence Day with my family in Kanarraville, Utah, population 320.
That town knows how to party and they surely appreciate, as do I, the greatness of this country and its divine origin. I got tons of candy at the parade, enjoyed the community talent show, supported the volunteer fire department, and enjoyed watching a waterfight, BBQ, four wheeling, and fireworks! Holy cabooses, were there fireworks!


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