20 February 2012

Drama at its Best

Greetings, dear humans (and outrageously intelligent primates)!

Life: is gone.

Yup. I finished off the last box this past week.

But life is great!

School is exhausting and fun. I'm having many great social opportunities. 30 Rock is just as funny as ever. I just got some more grant money.

Sigh of contentment

And to add icing on the cake, I have found a new love called Downton Abbey. It is part of Masterpiece Classics on PBS and is very enjoyable. It just wrapped up its second season and I hope it continues to produce more.

I first stumbled upon DA (not Dumbledore's Army) whilst perusing on Netflix, trying to find some good films that I had missed while I was abstaining from media on my mission. And I saw DA (I read DowntoWn Abbey. During the opening credits when I saw the Abbey, I thought That Abbey's not downtown! And then I read it a little more carefully. Ah. Downton). Netflix only has the first season available so I watched season two on PBS.org which was a very good investment of the long weekend. Trust me.

It's won a bunch of Emmy Awards and has Professor McGonagall.
Don't blame me when you get addicted.
Season three will air September 2012.

Random Photo from my Mission:

Serene, eh? This was taken in a courtyard of the Washington National Cathedral. March 2011.


  1. i love downton abbey and i love that picture.
    you're bubbly joy.

  2. When I quit my job last week I finally got to watch all of Downton Abbey...finished it in 2 days. So in love with that show.