26 February 2012


I have a super cool phone that does something that smart phones can't do. It flips open.


You read correctly.


Is there an app for that? I think not.

I could point out a bazillion things wrong with my phone, but I won't because I'm not paying for it.

Considering the age of this phone (I have a Motorola Razr. The original. 1.0. Not this droid business they're selling now), it still takes some pretty decent digital photos. Here are some to enjoy (the reason why I have them: the memory in the Razr is too small to hold a lot [meaning more than three, apparently] of photos so I sent them to my email to save. Ha):

SUU has a cool group of statues that I like to call "The Circle of Dead Guys." I think its legitimate name is the Centurium. I snapped this little picture on a Sunday morning while biking to church. The previous night gave us a sideways snow. I thought it looked cool. Hence this photo and this very long caption.
My friend Michael and I took a Sunday afternoon drive to Kanarraville, UT to do some soul searching and some man-to-man talking (and "off roading." Or more appropriately "trying not to get stuck on a muddy road when taking a scenic route"). Here are some pictures.

Sometimes (like every weekend) I like to bake sweets. One week I made cupcakes from scratch! Well, from a box. But I added eggs, water, and oil. But I did make the frosting (or is it icing? What's the difference?) from scratch.
This was Michael's first visit to Kanarraville! We saw many cool things like cows, horses, a dead deer, ravens eating a dead deer, native Kanarra children, houses, plants, and sky.
This photo was actually taken with Michael's phone which is also a flip phone made by Motorola. It might even be a Razr.

 I hope you found these pictures visually stimulating.

And now for the final picture, I present the random photo from my mission:
My last companion who is dear to my heart is getting married Saturday! Elder Kiegan S. I'm going to his wedding in Mesa, AZ. Yay! This photo was taken ten days before I came home. Kiegan came home six weeks after me.

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  1. You bike to church? That's cutely rm of you. Also you should visit my favorite city next. Browse. No need to stop for long. Just long enough for a quick "browse" and off again!