10 February 2012

While my love for you grows like a blooming rose....

... my blog withers like an unwatered plant.

I thought I might do that nice little poem for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Ha. 

My poor neglected blog! 
Oh well. Life goes on. 
How does it go on? 
And busy. 
And I'm just really tired. 

Cool things:
As you know, Isie came home from her mission. The day after she came home we made pupusas at her house. I loved eating pupusas on my mission and was not disappointed. The were good. So I bought some maseca and made some at home with my family.

Yummy! You eat pupusas (which are essentially stuffed corn tortillas) with a cabbage salsa called curtido (I think) and red salsa.

Enjoying the Salvadorean goodness.
 Random Photo from the Mission:
At the final district meeting of the transfer period, we will take district pictures with the zone leaders. Sometimes they get a little crazy sometimes. This one's rather mild. LtoR standing: Elders Jacob C, Eric P, David S, Ryan C, me, Ted A. Sitting: Sisters Courney W and Audrey E.

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