27 December 2011

And now for your viewing pleasure...

Here are some pictures from the Christmas season this year. This post was supposed to be more wordy and cool, but I'm technologically challenged and can't seem to figure out what the cow I'm doing so I'm going do another post... Enjoy the pictures!
My eldest brother, Damian, papa, me at the annual Sorensen family Christmas party.
Me, Damian, papa, and Gail playing Hearts. I won.
Chocolate fountain with yummies!
 Sometimes I wear niece's hair thing. What are those things called? Clips? Sure. We'll go with that.
On the way home from SoCal on Monday with Tandy and the kids, we stopped to see the lights at the St. George Utah Temple.
The reason for the season.

Looking around at the lights.
Me and the kiddos.
Family! Grandma, dad, mom, me, and Nick Christmas morning!
This wasn't a Christmas gift but I did acquire it on Christmas day. Hooray for the accordion!


  1. I have an accordion in my basement. Do you play? My older sisters played very well, they got to take lessons from Bessie Dover. I am the middle child and didn't get any lessons of any kind! Boo hoo for me.
    Pamela Christensen