28 December 2011


Aaaah, the movies!

There are many blockbuster hits that arrived in the theater Christmas weekend. Mom, dad, Nick and I went to see one! Here is the treview (it's either a trailer or preview... I'm never sure which)

The film is called We Bought a Zoo and was very good! I recommend it. (If you were looking for an in-depth review, I'm sorry to disappoint)

Wanna know something crazy? This was the first time that I had been to the movie theater since... before my mission. The last film I saw was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in July 2009. That's approximately 30 months in between trips to the movie theater. And want to know something else? I really don't like going to the movies. Here's why:
  • if you have to go pee during the movie, they don't pause it for you. 
  • sometimes there are very loud, large, white guys in front of you who like to laugh. Loudly. (this guy was pretty entertaining in and of himself! Ha.)
  • it's very expensive (I know Cedar isn't near as expensive as other places, but I'm po'.)
  • if you want popcorn and a drink, you'll have to give them some appendages (usually an arm and a leg)
  • there's no such thing as ample leg room.
  • if you take off your shoes your socks will get stuck to the floor.
  • babies. They are loud.
  • bright cell phone screens contrasting with the dark. Annoying.
  • my couch is better than those seats.
So call me a movie theater hater. I'll just keep using Netflix or Redbox or whatever and enjoy my movies at home. For a fraction of the cost. Where I don't have to wear shoes. And where I can consume lots of food and drink for free. Sort of.

Random photo from the mission!

Me and Elder Peterson behind the Capitol.
☮ ♡ ☺

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  1. Ha. Did you really take your shoes off in the theater? Gross!