23 December 2011

I am an audio book

Move over Jim Dale! Mr. Liebhardt is taking over your job!

...Kind of. But not really. Let me explain.

On Monday, I drove to Utah from SoCal with my sister-in-law and and her three perfect children. She will probably say that they are far from perfect, but they're close enough. During the drive I read the first eight chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone aloud to the children. The 6 and 8 year-olds were really into it and remembered details so well. The 4 year old, not so much. My voice was exhausted by the time we got home.

I wonder if you can get sick from overusing your voice. The reason for wondering is: I got sick. Nasty, nasty sick. So Tuesday I combated the illness with home remedies of gargling with salt and soda water, taking zinc, and chicken noodle soup. I had to get better fast because I had a grand adventure planned.

The Grand Adventure

{This is like a post within a post}

On Tuesday morning I dragged my ailing body out of bed at a reasonable hour to start my journey to the Provo and Salt Lake areas to visit some awesome people and spread some holiday cheer. And germs.

The agenda before I left:
Mount Timpanogos temple with Nick [✔]
ice skating [✔]
President and Sister Mansell (my mission president and wife) [✔]
wedding reception of a friend in Ogden [   ]
Temple Square [   ]
Bingham's (a missionary couple I served with) [✔]
The check marks indicate things that I actually did.  

When it was time to hit up the reception and temple square, I was physically exhausted (I skated for almost 4 hours with my friends Elise and Mandie) and still sick (although I felt loads better) and I wasn't in the mood to drive in the dark. So, sorry Mr and Mrs Chugg. I suppose I'll mail you the card I have for you. As for Temple Square, I'll be back up there on the 28th for the wedding of a cousin. 

Highlights of the trip: 
  • the temple!!!
  • ice skating-- I learned how to go backwards! 
  • visiting with Elder Tolman-- one of my former mission companions. We still call each other Elder.
  • visiting with President and Sister Mansell-- find me nicer people and you win a prize.
  • vising with Elder and Sister Bingham-- they're still Elder and Sister because they're super awesome and serving another mission! This time they're serving at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. And we made a lot of cookies. I also stayed last night at their house. They were very accommodating.
  • having a nap on my cousin's couch-- I was sick. I was tired. I needed a nap.
  • not paying for gas-- mom and dad bought the gas for this trip as a Christmas gift!  
This adventure was done between the 21st and the 22nd of December. Today is the 23rd and I drove home early this afternoon after stopping in Salem to see Elise's house and deliver Bingham cookies (angel thumb prints and white chocolate macadamia nut). 
    Where are all the pictures? Well, I left my camera charger in Maryland almost three months ago. I still haven't got a new charger. And my camera is dead. So that's why there aren't any pictures.

    Except for....

    The random photo from my mission!
    It's Elder and Sister Bingham! This picture was taken at their apartment on March 24th, 2011 when we were allowed to watch the BYU vs. Florida Gators game. They were finishing up their mission so we presented them with this shirt, signed by all of the Elders serving in AC (Anacostia) at this time.

    ☮ ♡ ☺


    1. Excellent post. I found your itinerary amusing. Happy Christmas. Haha... Click on "Gertrude".

    2. There are actually more pictures... they're coming!! They're from my camera... of Eric and my 3 pretty much-perfect children! Yay!