03 June 2012

Eclipse In A Box

Greetings and warmest salutations, humans!

There was an annular on Sunday. The "sweet spot" of this celestial event was a mere 10.7 miles south of my house. We didn't have solar goggles or welding mask glass so Momma Linda made a "pinhole camera" to view the eclipse in. Here's a pic of the eclipse... in the box.
Neat, eh?
The eclipse also caused the leaves on the apple tree to cast weird shadows.
It's like lots of little eclipses being projected on the wall.

We didn't get a shot of the eclipse at its zenith. I guess we were too busy staring into the box admiring it.

Random photo from the mission:

It's amazing who you run into while in the nation's capital! This is Lisa Tanner. She was my very first private violin instructor. She plays with the Mormon Orchestra of Washington and I saw her at a concert at the temple visitors' center.

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