03 June 2012

We Are Not A Cult

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has found itself at the front of some stories as of late. This onslaught of attention is most attributed to republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's membership in the Church. There have been accusations (or even statements) made that the Church is a cult. I will not use my amazing wordsmithing abilities to combat or refute such claims. I will only offer the words that Jesus offered when questioned regarding the location of His dwelling in the New Testament in John: come and see. You, reader, must come and see for yourself if these claims of being a cult are true. Attend a Sunday service. Check out a visitors' center. Meet some Mormons. Visit Mormon.org. Read the Book of Mormon.

On that note...

The Church uses a very unique vernacular. I was born and raised in the Church and, as a young child, was sometimes very confused at what was being discussed.

For example, once a month congregations hold a fast and testimony meeting where members of the congregation are encouraged to share their testimonies, open mic style. Many individuals begin their testimonies with "I would like to bear my testimony...." As a young child, I would hear "I would like to bury my testimony..."

I know. It doesn't make sense. But I was young and, apparently, very ignorant.

Another one:

I am the youngest of five children. When members of the church are  high school aged, they are encouraged to attend a seminary class where one learns from the scriptures. As I listened to my older siblings tell about what they learned in seminary, I could only process it as the word cemetery.

And finally:

Fireside. A fireside is a meeting in which a speech (or speeches) is given to people. Simple. The term comes from the 1930's when FDR would broadcast addresses over the radio to the public. Word. To a young 'un not yet old enough to attend firesides and only hear the term only without experiential context: campfire. Yeah.

So, putting all those together, here's a lovely image of what a young Eric thought of an activity that went on:

"Today in seminary we're going to have a fireside and we are going to bear our testimonies."
Might I add that this is probably the best thing I've ever "painted?" Ever.

But seriously. We're not a cult.

Random photo from the mission:

Tape faces. Logan W. and myself. Snowmageddon 2010.

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  1. LOL I still don't get the graveyard ... They weren't burying their testimony at firesides were they? LOL