23 June 2012

Things I Learned After Living in Salem, Utah

  • The Berrett family is one of the nicest families I know.
  • If I'm not driving in the car, I'm asleep (this was not something I learned. It was just reinforced). Thanks Mr. Ganowsky for driving pretty much the whole way while I slept. 
  • Cache Valley is the most beautiful valley in Utah. If you want to argue, bring it. 
  • Utah State University's campus is gorgeous! 
  • Networking is easier to do if you have business cards. I don't have a business so I probably would have had "social networking" cards. Maybe I'll do that next time. 
  • Sometimes friends get married while you're away (e.g. serving a mission for two years) and you may be a little weary to meet the new spouse. Such was the case with my friend Lauren. She married Tony. However, my weariness was in vain. He's great. I stayed at their apartment while I was in Logan. Great people. 
  • Take a camera on every trip that you go. I didn't take mine and I regret it. A lot. Here are some things that I would have taken a picture of: 
Old Main at USU. Photo source.
The Logan Temple (which was a short walk away from Tony and Lauren's) and the beautiful Cache Valley. Photo source.
Nicole G. She was a sister missionary from my mission. We had dinner and went to a concert. It was a lovely evening. Photo courtesy of Nicole's Facebook.
Tony and Lauren. Such great hosts. Photo courtesy of Lauren's Facebook.
  •  I love learning! Some things I learned about: music assessment, female voices, changing male voices, concert programming, selecting good repertoire, and that's all I can remember without pulling out my notes. 
  • Always have a sweater. Chances are I'll need it because I'm cold blooded, but if I don't need it, Rosalind Hall will. 
  • Naps in art galleries are divine. 
  • All music teachers are quirky. 
  • This was the best, most affordable conference I have attended. Registration was only $50 and we got tons of music, excellent workshops (one was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Mack Wilberg. So cool), food, fun, and inspiration. 
After the music conference concluded on Thursday the  14th of June (Flag Day!), Mark dropped me off at Nick's house in South Jordan. I spent Thursday vegging. Friday, Nick and I played tennis, went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple, and I hung out with him and his fianc√® , K-Leigh. 
We went to a wedding reception of K-Leigh's friends. I decided it would be fun to pretend to know the fellow. When I got up to him in the line, I embraced him and gave him a congratulations. The bride asked where we knew each other. I responded "Bingham High." The groom went along with it, not wanting to admit that he had know idea who I was. The bride then asked her husband, "So you know him?" And the groom admitted that he did not. I then busted up laughing and told the truth that I was Nick's younger brother. The bride and groom said that that made sense because they saw many physical similarities between the two of us which doesn't make sense to me. I don't think we look alike at all.
Me on the left and Nick on the right. Do you think we look alike?
That night I went dancing with my good friend from high school Cassie. We went to a recently re-opened club called The Bay. We were initially planning on going to Area 51 dance club/bar because it was 90's night. Well, when I looked again, they had changed it to SLUT Anthem. Umm. Yea--no. I didn't want to go to that. We arrived at the bay at 10:30-ish and... we were the only ones there. So what did we do? We danced. We danced on the whole floor! And because it was only us (for a long time, I might add) we were able to request tons of songs and the DJ did them all.
I love to dance.
Did I say I dance well?

Mom, Grandma, Gail and her two kids came up on Saturday morning for K-Leigh's bridal shower. After the shower, I went home with them. We stopped in Santaquin at a small restaurant called The Family Tree for lunch. They're famous for their huge scones. And they were huge. Like, 14" long huge. We all ordered off the petite menu, which was good because I cannot imagine how large the portions would have been had we ordered off of the regular menu.
If you're ever driving by Santaquin, Utah and you're hungry, I highly recommend you eat there. You won't regret it. Unless you do. And then it's your own fault. 


  1. ummm....no....you do NOT resemble Nick and neither does that picture! (thank goodness)


  2. I'll back you up on your arguments about Utah State and Cache Valley!