11 June 2012

Sometimes I Decide to Move to Salem, UT

Hey, all!

I am currently blogging to you from the booming metropolis of Salem, Utah, population 6.5k.

I have been residing here since this morning. I plan on leaving Salem tomorrow morning.

Short stay, I know. I'm living at my friends' house. Adventures in Salem have included: shaved ice, sandwiches, chicken teriyaki, and driving to Salt Lake to watch the shoe parade of the Miss Utah pageant. Probably the highlight. It is now FHE time and the members of the family are journaling about their recent family reunion in Blanding. So I'm doing my online private journal, aka: my blog.

I am on my way to an American Choral Directors' Association conference in Logan on the Utah State University. I'm traveling with my high school choral director, Mark G.

So, yeah.

That's pretty much it for now. Riding in a  car makes me so tired.

Miss Nebo throwing candy in the parade. I took this picture for my friend Sam who is from Mona, UT, home of Mt. Nebo. If I'm ever a pageant coach, I will teach my pageanteers a) how to throw candy and b) how to wave.
Random photo from the mission:

Oh wait. I don't have access to my mission photos. Use your imagination and imagine green, trees, and... people.

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